Stranglethorn Vale thick leather farm spot

Thick Leather Farming

Gorillas in Stranglethorn Vale This area is somewhat out of the way, so there will be less competition here for classic thick leather farming. There is an elite Gorilla on the island, but you can easily skip it. They might also yield the occasional Rugged Leather, though this spot is optimized for Thick Leather. Yetis in Feralas The Yetis in …

Rugged Leather Farming

Winterspring Yeti Cave The Yetis around this Cave can be amazing for classic Rugged Leather farming! They are unique, because they drop Runecloth and are skinnable, which is very, very rare. In fact, I’m not sure if skinnable humanoids like these will behave in Blizzards version of Classic WoW, which is set to realease on the 27th of August. In …

TBC Skinning Leveling Guide

TBC Skinning Guide 1 – 375

In order to start with this skinning leveling guide, you will need to purchase a Skinning Knife, which is usually available near the Skinning trainer. It doesn’t have to be equipped, you just have to have it in your bags. In addition, you should keep in mind that you need to be able to kill the mobs you skin, which is why I recommend just skinning everything you can on the way.