TBC Engineering Leveling Guide

TBC Engineering Guide 1 – 375

Why you should level up Engineering in TBC

While Engineering is not the best profession for gold making, it has other positive aspects to it. Since TBC, Engineers can harvest Primal Clouds in Outland Zones to gather Primal Essences. In Addition to this, Engineers have many useful tools for PvP and PvE, like dynamite, a parachute, Rocket Boots, Portals to the Goblin Cities, and many more.

Engineering Leveling Materials

Materials for Engineering 1 – 300

  • 37x Rough Stone
  • 48x Linen Cloth
  • 58x Copper Bar
  • 136x Coarse Stone
  • 72x Bronze Bar
  • 15x Medium Leather
  • 66x Wool Cloth
  • 260x Solid Stone
  • 151x Mithril Bar
  • 15x Mageweave Cloth
  • 80x Dense Stone
  • 117x Thorium Bar
  • 27x Runecloth

Materials for TBC Engineering 300 – 375

  • 405x Fel Iron Bar
  • 9x Mote of Fire
  • 18x Mote of Earth
  • 25x Netherweave Cloth
  • 60x Khorium Bar
  • 20x Primal Fire
  • 160x Adamantite Bar
  • 15x Heavy Stock

TBC Engineering Leveling Guide
TBC Engineering Leveling Guide

Engineering Trainers

  • Expert Engineer (150-225)
    • (Alliance) Springspindle Fizzlegear in Ironforge
    • (Horde) Roxxik in Orgrimmar
  • Artisan Engineer (225-300)
    • (Neutral) Buzzek Bracketswing in Tanaris
  • Master Engineer (300-375 – TBC)
    • (Neutral) Syrol in Area52, Netherstorm
    • (Alliance) Lebowski in Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula
    • (Horde) Zebig in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula

Recipes required to level up Engineering

  • Schematic: EZ-Thro Dynamite
    • It’s a world drop. Check the AH for it, it shouldn’t be too expensive.

TBC Engineering Guide

Classic Engineering 1 – 300

IMPORTANT: You should keep all the components you create, most of them are required later on.

  • 1-30: 37x Rough Blasting Powder – (1x Rough Stone)
  • 31-53: 29x Handful of Copper Bolts – (1x Copper Bar)
  • 54-64: 11x Copper Tube – (2x Copper Bar, 1x Weak Flux)
  • 65-75: 10x Rough Boomstick – (1x Copper Tube, 1x Handful of Copper Bolts, 1x Wooden Stock)
  • Train Journeyman Engineering at a Trainer!
  • 76-95: 136x Coarse Blasting Powder – (1x Coarse Stone)
  • 96-100: 7x Copper Modulator – (2x Handful of Copper Bolts, 2x Linen Cloth, 1x Copper Bar)
  • 101-125: 34x EZ-Thro Dynamite – (1x Wool Cloth, 4x Coarse Blasting Powder)
  • 126-140: 33x Heavy Blasting Powder – (1x Heavy Stone)
  • 141-150: 21x Whirring Bronze Gizmo – (2x Bronze Bar, 1x Wool Cloth)
  • Train Expert Engineering at a Trainer!
  • 151-160: 15x Bronze Framework – (2x Bronze Bar, 1x Medium Leather, 1x Wool Cloth)
  • 161-175: 15x Explosive Sheep – (2x Heavy Blasting Powder, 2x Wool Cloth, 1x Whirring Bronze Gizmo, 1x Bronze Framework)
  • 176-195: 130x Solid Blasting Powder – (2x Solid Stone)
  • 196-200: 7x Mithril Tube – (3x Mithril Bar)
  • 201-210:15x Unstable Trigger – (1x Mithril Bar, 1x Mageweave Cloth, 1x Solid Blasting Powder)
  • Train Artisan Engineering at a Trainer!
  • 211-245: 101x Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs – (1x Mithril Bar, 1x Solid Blasting Powder)
  • 246-250: 7x Mithril Gyro-Shot – (2x Mithril Bar, 2x Solid Blasting Powder)
  • 251-260: 40x Dense Blasting Powder – (2x Dense Stone)
  • 261-285: 27x Thorium Widget – (3x Thorium Widget, 1x Runecloth)
  • 286-300: 18x Thorium Shells – (2x Thorium Bar, 1x Dense Blasting Powder)

TBC Engineering Leveling Guide 300 – 375

  • 300-310+: You will need a total of 55x Fel Iron Casing, 270x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts and 35x Elemental Blasting Powder for later. I advise making these first.
  • 311-320: 10x Fel Iron Bomb – (1x Fel Iron Casing, 2x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 1x Elemental Blasting Powder)
  • 321-335: 15x Fel Iron Musket (1x Heavy Stock, 3x Fel Iron Casing, 4x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts)
  • 336-350: 25x White Smoke Flare (1x Netherweave Cloth, 1x Elemental Blasting Powder)
  • 351-360: 20x Khorium Power Core (3x Khorium Bars, 1x Primal Fire)
    • It is already yellow when you learn it, but you should be past 360 after making the 20 you need for the next part.
  • 361-375: 20x Field Repair Bot 110G (8x Adamantite Bar, 8x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 1x Khorium Power Core)

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