Primal Mana Farming Locations

Farming Primal Mana

In TBC Classic, Primal Mana is used for lots of crafting recipes and enchants. Arcane Resistance gear, Healing and Spell Power Enchants and even some good BoE epics, like the Netherstrike Set. Primal Mana typically sells between 15 and 30 gold, depending on the economy on your server.

Some of the locations listed below will be better than others, but typically, you can get at least 5 Primal Mana per hour. On my hunter, I usually get between 7 and 8 Primal Mana in one hour when farming it in Kirin’Var Village in Netherstorm (see the map below).

Netherstorm is full of Primal Mana!

As the name might suggest, Netherstorm has tons of mobs that can drop Motes of Mana. One of the most frequented locations for Primal Mana Farming is Kirin’Var Village in the south, near Manaforge Coruu. Within the ruins of this Village live the Mana Seeker and the Mageslayer. These are around level 79 and have a chance of 29% to drop 1-2 Mote of Mana.

Apart from that, there are loads of Phase Hunters and Nether Rays, along with some Warp Monstrosities and Warp Aberrations along most of the edges in the west of Netherstorm. In addition, there are a couple of Primal Mana locations near Area 52, which harbour Mana Wraiths.

Netherstorm Primal Mana Farming
Netherstorm Primal Mana Farming

Farming Bash’ir Landing in Blade’s Edge Mountains for Primal Mana

Bash’ir Landing. This fabled farming spot on the northern plateau of the Blade’s Edge Mountains requires a flying mount in order to reach it. Although not all of the mobs here drop Mote of Mana, it can still be an amazing location for gold farming. The Ethereals around here can all drop Ethereum Prison Key, which can be turned in for Consortium Reputation. They can also be sold for a good amount of gold, though the price is very Server dependent. On my Server, these Keys are worth 10-15 gold.

Combined with the Primal Mana from the rest of the mobs and the fact that there is easily enough space here for 2-3 people, it can be very much worth it to farm here instead of Netherstorm. Keep in mind, though, that you must have completed the Quest Chain at Manaforge Ultris in order for the Keys to drop!

Blades Edge Mountains Bashir Landing
Blades Edge Mountains Bashir Landing

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