Plaguebloom farming plaguelands

Classic Plaguebloom Farming Routes

Plaguebloom only grows in three zones: Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands and Felwood, with the latter also being great for Gromsblood farming. Plaguebloom requires a skill level of 285 in Herbalism in order to pick it. In addition to Plaguebloom farming, these zones also have a bunch of Dreamfoil, while the Eastern Plaguelands even has Black Lotus.

Winterspring icecap farm route

Icecap Farming in Classic WoW

Farming Icecap in Winterspring Farming Icecap is a bit tricky, since the herb is unique to Winterspring. It grows mostly in the south and the west of the zone, which is why we area leaving out the north in this route. Farming icecap can be very competitive, so you might want to take that into account when looking at using …

Azshara dreamfoil farming routes

Dreamfoil Farming Routes for Classic

Where to farm Dreamfoil In Classic WoW, you will need Herbalism skill of at least 270 to pick Dreamfoil. The best locations for Dreamfoil farming in Classic WoW are Azshara and Un’goro Crater, along with most of the end game zones like the Plaguelands, Burning Steppes and Silithus. Azshara Azshara can be amazing for Dreamfoil farming in classic. It has …

Felwood gromsblood and plaguebloom farm route

Classic Gromsblood farming

Felwood Gromsblood farming can be tricky in classic, as the only two zones with a reasonable amount of it are Felwood and Blasted Lands. We will first be looking at the route in Felwood, as it has the most potential. Felwood is one of the three zones that has Plaguebloom, and with it also having Gromsblood and Dreamfoil, along with …