Wrath Inscription Guide 1 - 450

Wrath Inscription Guide 1 – 450

How to level Inscription in Wrath Classic

Leveling Inscription to 450 is quite fast and the materials needed for it are typically very cheap, since all you need is a bunch of herbs of all skill levels to mill. You will be making lots of Scrolls and Glyphs, which usually only need one ink and a parchment to create.

WotLK Inscription Trainers

There are Inscription Trainers in every major city that can train you up to 300. The only ones that can train you all the way to 450 are in Northrend. The best place to be is typically Dalaran, since there are max level profession trainers for every profession there.

Inscription Glyphs Wrath Classic
Inscription Glyphs Wrath Classic

Materials required for Inscription 450

You can look at the tooltips of the pigments below to see which Herbs give that pigment. Apart from the Inks you’ll make from these pigments, you’ll only need some parchments, which you can just buy from any trade goods vendor.

Wrath Classic Inscription Guide 1 – 450

Often times, there will be a few different glyphs or scrolls at the same skill level, which also require the same materials. In those cases, you can make any of the available orange glyphs. Typically, glyphs turn yellow quickly, but you can then learn new orange ones.

Classic Inscription 1 – 300

  • 75-80: 21x Midnight Ink (2 x Dusky Pigment)
  • 80-100: 20x [Glyph of …] (1 x Midnight Ink)
  • 100-105: 40x Lion’s Ink (2 x Golden Pigment)
  • 105-125: 20x [Glyph of …] (1 x Lion’s Ink)
    • Make sure to Learn Expert Inscription now!
  • 125-130: Dawnstar Ink. (1 x Burnt Pigment)
  • 130-147: 17x [Glyph of …] (1 x Lion’s Ink)
  • 147-150: Strange Tarot (2 x Dawnstar Ink, 1 x Lion’s Ink)
    • Make as many as you have materials left for. You can sell the cards from these.
  • 150-155: 47x Jadefire Ink (2 x Emerald Pigment)
  • 155-200: 45x [Glyph of …] (1 x Jadefire Ink)
    • For the last 5 points, you will have to make yellow glyphs here.
  • 175+: Royal Ink (1 x Indigo Pigment)
  • 200+: Arcane Tarot (2 x Royal Ink, 1 x Jadefire Ink)
    • Make as many as you can. You can sell the cards from these.
    • Make sure to Learn Artisan Inscription before 225!
  • 200-205: Celestial Ink (2 x Violet Pigment)
  • 205-245: 40x [Glyph of …] (1 x Celestial Ink)
  • 225+: Fiery Ink (1 x Ruby Pigment)
  • 245-250: 5x Weapon Vellum II (1 x Fiery Ink, 1 x Celestial Ink)
    • Make as many as you can. You can sell these!
  • 250-255: 20x Shimmering Ink (2 x Silvery Pigment)
  • 255-260: 5x Scroll of Spirit V (1 x Shimmering Ink)
  • 260-275: 15x [Glyph of …] (1 x Shimmering Ink)
  • 275-290: 15x Ink of the Sky (1 x Sapphire Pigment)
    • If you don’t have enough Pigment for this, you can continue crafting orange glyphs.
    • Make sure to Learn Master Inscription in Outland!

TBC Inscription 300 – 375

  • 290-305: 45x Ethereal Ink (2 x Nether Pigment)
  • 305-350: 45x [Glyph of …] (1 x Ethereal Ink)
    • Make sure to Learn Grandmaster Inscription in Northrend!

WotLK Inscription 350 – 450

  • 350-355: 90x Ink of the Sea (2 x Azure Pigment)
  • 355-375: 20x [Scroll of … VII] (1 x Ink of the Sea)
    • You’ll need to learn a new attribute scroll every 5 points.
  • 375-380: Snowfall Ink (2 x Icy Pigment)
  • 380-385: 7x Glyph of Focus (1 x Ink of the Sea)
  • 385-386: 1x Northrend Inscription Research (3 x Ink of the Sea, 1 x Snowfall Ink)
  • 386-400: 25x [Glyph of …] (1 x Ink of the Sea)
  • 400-430: 35x [Scroll of … VIII] (1 x Ink of the Sea)
    • You’ll need to learn a new attribute scroll every 5 points. The last one turns yellow at the end.
  • 430-450: 50x [Glyph of …] (1 x Ink of the Sea)
    • At this point, it’s best to just do your Northrend Inscription Research and craft any discovered glyphs from that. It might take a bunch of crafts to get to 450.

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