Primal Shadow Farming Guide

Primal Shadow Farming Guide – with Maps

Primal Shadow is one of the elemental crafting ingredients in World of Warcraft. It can be farmed by killing any Void or Shadow Elemental in the Outlands. While it’s not the most expensive Primal, it can still be worth it to farm this, especially if you plan on keeping it for a while.

Primal Shadow will become more useful with the later Content Phases of TBC Classic, making it very useful for investment and long-term farming.

Netherstorm Primal Shadow Location

The good thing about farming Primal Shadow in Netherstorm is, that the mobs here have a higher level, which means a higher drop rate for Mote of Shadow. Of course, this also makes it a bit slower to kill them, but it’s generally worth it if the spot is not too busy. The mobs you are looking for are called Voidshriekers and Unstable Voidwrath and they live around Manaforge Ultris in eastern Netherstorm.

Netherstorm Primal Shadow Farming
Netherstorm Primal Shadow Farming

Nagrand Primal Shadow Farming

While the mobs here have a little lower level, they are around 65, the spot is not too busy and quite large most of the time. This means you can get really fast here, especially at nighttime. There is only one type of mob you’ll want to kill here, the Voidspawn.

Nagrand Primal Shadow Farming
Nagrand Primal Shadow Farming

Hellfire Peninsula

There are a couple of Primal Shadow Spots in Hellfire Peninsula. One is to the west of the Expedition Armory. There is a quest here to kill a bunch of the mobs here, and it’s a bit smaller than the one to the far east. The mobs here are called Uncontrolled Voidwalker and Rogue Voidwalker.

The Spot to the east is larger and there are no quests here. The downside is, that there can be quite a bit of competition around here. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on both of these locations and switch accordingly to keep up the speed. The mobs in the east are called Vacillating Voidcaller and Collapsing Voidwalker.

Hellfire Peninsula Primal Shadow Farming
Hellfire Peninsula Primal Shadow Farming

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