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TBC Alchemy Guide 1-375

Why you should level Alchemy in TBC

One of the biggest reasons to level up Alchemy is making gold. Especially with TBC Classic coming out, Alchemy can earn you a ton of gold with the Specializations.

Alchemy Specializations give you a chance to create 1 to 4 additional, identical items when crafting something, without using up extra resources. You need at least level 68 to get the quests for the Specializations and have to run some Dungeons for them, but it is 100% worth doing.

Alchemy Trainers

  • Expert Alchemist (150-225)
    • (Alliance) Ainethil in Darnassus
    • (Horde) Doctor Herbert Halsey in the Undercity
  • Artisan Alchemist (225-300)
    • (Alliance) Kylanna Windwhisper in Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas
    • (Horde) Rogvar in Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows
  • Master Alchemist (300-375 – TBC)
    • (Neutral) Lorokeem in the Lower City of Shattrath
    • (Alliance) Alchemist Gribble in Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula
    • (Horde) Apothecary Antonivich in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula

Alchemy Leveling Materials (1-300)

Materials for Alchemy 1-300

  • 66x Peacebloom
  • 66x Silverleaf
  • 98x Briarthorn
  • 30x Bruiseweed
  • 23x Mageroyal
  • 51x Stranglekelp
  • 32x Liferoot
  • 32x Kingsblood
  • 52x Goldthorn
  • 5x Wild Steelbloom
  • 76x Sungrass
  • 30x Khadgar’s Whisker
  • 21x Arthas’ Tears
  • 42x Blindweed
  • 34x Golden Sansam
  • 17x Mountain Silversage

Materials for TBC Alchemy 300-375

  • 20x Golden Sansam
  • 60x Felweed
  • 40x Ragveil
  • 40x Netherbloom
  • 40x Dreaming Glory
  • 40x Nightmare Vine

an alchemy table
TBC Alchemy Guide – An Alchemy Table

TBC Alchemy Guide

Classic Alchemy 1 – 300

  • 1-60: 66x Minor Healing Potion – (1x Peacebloom, 1x Silverleaf)
  • Train Journeyman Alchemy at a Trainer!
  • 61-110: 66x Lesser Healing Potion – (1x Minor Healing Potion, 1x Briarthorn)
  • 111-140: 32x Healing Potion – (1x Bruiseweed, 1x Briarthorn)
  • Train Expert Alchemy at a Trainer!
  • 141-155: 23x Lesser Mana Potion – (1x Mageroyal, 1x Stranglekelp)
  • 156-185: 32x Greater Healing Potion – (1x Liferoot, 1x Kingsblood)
  • 186-210: 28x Elixir of Agility – (1x Stranglekelp, 1x Goldthorn)
  • 210-215: 5x Elixir of Greater Defense – (1x Wild Steelbloom, 1x Goldthorn)
  • Train Artisan Alchemy at a Trainer!
  • 216-230: 15x Superior Healing Potion – (1x Sungrass, 1x Khadgar’s Whisker)
  • 231-250: 21x Elixir of Detect Undead – (1x Arthas’ Tears)
  • 251-265: 19x Elixir of Greater Agility – (19x Sungrass, 19x Goldthorn)
  • 266-285: 21x Superior Mana Potion – (2x Sungrass, 2x Blindweed)
    • (Alliance) Ulthir in Darnassus – Craftsmen’s Terrace
    • (Horde) Algernon in Undercity
  • 286-300: 17x Major Healing Potion – (2x Golden Sansam, 1x Mountain Silversage)
    • This recipe is sold by Evie Whirlbrew in Everlook.

TBC Alchemy Leveling Guide, 300 – 375

  • 300-315: 20x Volatile Healing Potion – (1x Golden Sansam, 1x Felweed)
  • 316-330: 20x Unstable Mana Potion – (2x Ragveil, 1x Felweed)
  • 331-350: 20x Super Healing Potion – (2x Netherbloom, 1x Felweed)
  • 351-375: 40x Major Deamless Sleep Potion (1x Dreaming Glory, 1x Nightmare Vine)
    • This turns green at 370. Alternatively, you can use World Drop or Reputation Recipes. You can get this recipe here:
    • (Alliance) Leeli Longhaggle in Allerian Stronghold, Terokkar Forest
    • (Horde) Daga Ramba in Thunderlord Stronghold, Blade’s Edge Mountains

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