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Medium Leather Farming in Classic WoW

The raptors in the northern and southern part of the Wetlands, as marked on the map below, are around level 27. They are exactly in the level range where medium leather can be skinned. Another advantage of this zone is that it is mostly…

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Vanilla Heavy Leather Farming Locations

Heavy Leather can generally be skinned from Beasts around level 35-40. It is also obtainable from lower levels, but the chances are worse. If you are farming Heavy Leather for gold, I advise looking for mobs at level 35+. The gold per hour is…

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Devilsaur Leather Farming in Un’Goro Crater

Devilsaur Leather farming! If you can solo theses elite dinosaurs, it might be a good idea to come here during the night or during raid hours, when not a lot of people will be farming. The Devilsaur Leather can sell very high, especially early in the server progression, as it is used for some pre-raid best in slot items.

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Thick Leather Farming

Gorillas in Stranglethorn Vale This area is somewhat out of the way, so there will be less competition here for classic thick leather farming. There is an elite Gorilla on the island, but you can easily skip it. They might also yield the occasional Rugged Leather, though this spot is optimized for Thick Leather. Yetis in Feralas The Yetis in …

Rugged Leather Farming

Winterspring Yeti Cave The Yetis around this Cave can be amazing for classic Rugged Leather farming! They are unique, because they drop Runecloth and are skinnable, which is very, very rare. In fact, I’m not sure if skinnable humanoids like these will behave in Blizzards version of Classic WoW, which is set to realease on the 27th of August. In …