TBC Tailoring Leveling Guide

TBC Tailoring Guide 1 – 375

Why you should level Tailoring in TBC

Leveling Tailoring has always been a great way to make gold, even in Classic. You can make Bags, craft cheap items to disenchant and use your rare cloth CD. In TBC, there are three Specializations for Tailors. Mooncloth, Shadowweave and Spellfire. You can learn each of these Specializations in Shattrath City and get a unique craftable set.

Tailoring Leveling Materials

Materials for Tailoring 1 – 300

  • 160x Linen Cloth
  • 200x Wool Cloth
  • 760x Silk Cloth
  • 520x Mageweave Cloth
  • 920x Runecloth
  • 92x Rugged Leather

Materials for TBC Tailoring 300 – 375

  • 2580x Netherweave Cloth
  • 200x Arcance Dust
  • 20x Netherweb Spider Silk
  • 20x Knothide Leather

Tailoring Leveling Guide
TBC Tailoring Leveling Guide

Tailoring Trainers

  • Expert Tailor (150-225)
    • (Alliance) Georgio Bolero in Stormwind
    • (Horde) Josef Gregorian in Undercity
  • Artisan Tailor (225-300)
    • (Alliance) Timothy Worthington in Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh
    • (Horde) Daryl Stack in Tarren Mill, Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Master Tailor (300-375 – TBC)
    • (Neutral) The Aldor and Scyers each have a Trainer on their platforms in Shattrath City
    • (Alliance) Hama in Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula
    • (Horde) Dalinna in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula

Recipes required to level up Tailoring

  • Pattern: Runecloth Gloves and Pattern: Runecloth Bag
    • (Neutral) Qia in Everlook, Winterspring.

TBC Tailoring Guide

Classic Tailoring 1 – 300

  • 1-50: 80x Bolt of Linen Cloth – (2x Linen Cloth)
    • Keep these for the next steps!
  • 51-60: 10x Heavy Linen Gloves – (2x Bolt of Linen Cloth, 1x Coarse Thread)
  • 61-65: 5x Red Linen Shirt – (2x Bolt of Linen Cloth, 1x Coarse Thread, 1x Red Dye)
  • 66-75: 10x Reinforced Linen Cape – (2x Bolt of Linen Cloth, 3x Coarse Thread)
  • Train Journeyman Tailoring at a Trainer!
  • 76-105: 60x Bolt of Woolen Cloth – (3x Wool Cloth)
    • Keep these for the next steps!
  • 106-110: 5x Gray Woolen Shirt – (2x Bolt of Woolen Cloth, 1x Fine Thread, 1x Gray Dye)
  • 111-125: 15x Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders – (3x Bolt of Woolen Cloth, 2x Fine Thread)
  • 126-145: 190x Bolt of Silk Cloth – (4x Silk Cloth)
    • Keep these for the next steps!
  • Train Expert Tailoring at a Trainer!
  • 146-160: 15x Azure Silk Hood – (2x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2x Blue Dye, 1x Fine Thread)
  • 161-170: 10x Silk Headband – (3x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2x Fine Thread)
  • 171-175: 5x Formal White Shirt – (3x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2x Bleach, 1x Fine Thread)
  • 176-185: 100x Bolt of Mageweave – (5x Mageweave Cloth)
    • Keep these for the next steps!
  • 186-205: 20x Crimson Silk Vest – (4x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2x Red Dye, 2x Fine Thread)
  • 206-215: 10x Crimson Silk Pantaloons – (4x Bolt of Silk Cloth, 2x Red Dye, 2x Silken Thread)
  • 216-220: 5x Black Mageweave Leggings – (2x Bolt of Mageweave, 3x Silken Thread)
  • Train Artisan Tailoring at a Trainer!
  • 221-230: 10x Black Mageweave Gloves – (2x Bolt of Mageweave, 2x Heavy Silken Thread)
  • 231-250: 20x Black Mageweave Headband – (3x Bolt of Mageweave, 2x Heavy Silken Thread)
  • 251-260: 180x Bolt of Runecloth – (5x Runecloth)
    • Keep these for the next steps!
  • 261-275: 15x Runecloth Belt – (3x Bolt of Runecloth, 1x Rune Thread)
  • 276-280: 6x Runecloth Bag – (5x Bolt of Runecloth, 2x Rugged Leather, 1x Rune Thread)
    • You could get to 300 with these, as they sell quite well. They do turn green at 290 though.
  • 281-300: 20x Runecloth Gloves – (4x Bolt of Runecloth, 4x Rugged Leather, 1x Rune Thread)

TBC Tailoring Guide 300 – 375

  • 300-325: 430x Bolt of Netherweave – (6x Netherweave Cloth)
    • Yes, 430. You will need a ton of these later. You can continue once you reach 325 though, and make them later.
  • 326-340: 60x Bolt of Imbued Netherweave – (3x Bolts of Netherweave, 2x Arcane Dust)
    • Same as before, you’ll need these later on. Just get to 340 with them, you can make the rest later.
  • 341-350: 10x Netherweave Boots – (6x Bolts of Netherweave, 2x Knothide Leather, 1x Rune Thread)
  • 351-360: 10x Netherweave Tunic – (8x Bolts of Netherweave, 2x Rune Thread)
  • 361-370: 10x Imbued Netherweave Tunic – (6x Bolt of Imbued Netherweave, 2x Netherweb Spider Silk, 1x Rune Thread)
    • The Pattern is sold by Arrond in Shadowmoon Valley, and is not BoP. You need Scryers neutral to get is yourself. You can also get a friend to buy it for you or try to get it on the Auction House.
  • 371-375: 5x Arcanoweave Boots – (8x Bolts of Netherweave, 16x Arcane Dust, 2 x Rune Thread)
    • This Pattern drops from Sunseeker Astromages in Mechanar Normal (not HC). Alternatively, you can continue making Imbued Netherweave Tunic, though it might take quite a few to get to 375.

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