Saronite Ore Farming Guide Wrath

Saronite Ore Farming Guide Wrath

Saronite Ore mostly spawns in the higher level areas of Wrath Classic. Just like Cobalt Ore, it can also spawn as a Regular Saronite Deposit or as a Rich Saronite Deposit. The Regular version requires a Mining Skill level of at least 400 and the rich version 425. In Icecrown and the Storm Peaks, Saronite Deposits often share spawn nodes with Titanium Ore, which is even more valuable.

Farming Saronite Ore in Icecrown

Icecrown has the most Mining nodes in general of all the zones in Northrend. That being said, it also has lots of Herbalism nodes, making it a paradise for players with both. The competition here will be quite high, though the Titanium Ore that comes with it should be worth it.

Icecrown Saronite Wrath Classic
Icecrown Saronite Wrath Classic

Storm Peaks Saronite Ore Farming

Farming in the Storm Peaks absolutely requires a flying mount. This zone has so many vertical levels and areas that can’t even be reached without flying. If you do have flying, though, it’s very lucrative. Just like Icecrown, many of the Saronite Deposits share spawn locations with Titanium Deposits.

Storm Peaks Saronite Wrath Classic
Storm Peaks Saronite Wrath Classic

Farming Titanium Ore in Wrath Classic

As mentioned above, Titanium Veins can spawn in the high level zones Icecrown and Storm Peaks instead of Saronite Deposits. It is unclear what the chances for this are. That being said, there are few “lonely” Titanium spawns, though they are not worth mentioning here.

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