TBC Classic Primal Fire Farming

Farming Primal Fire in TBC Classic

How to farm Primal Fire

Primal Fire is created by combining 10 Motes of Fire. These Motes drop from any Fire Elemental in the Outlands and can be sold individually as well. There are three major locations where Primal Fire can be farmed, which I will go over here.

Farming Primal Fire in Blades Edge Mountains

While the drop rate of Motes of Fire is not quite as high here, because of the lower level of the Elementals, it can still be a nice farming spot. Primal Fire is the most sought after Elemental after Primal Air, making it very worthwhile to farm. This location is in the north-east of the Blades Edge Mountains, near Gruul’s Lair. The drop rate here is around 20%.

Blades Edge Mountains Primal Fire Farming
Blades Edge Mountains Primal Fire Farming

Shadowmoon Valley Primal Fire Farming

In the center of Shadowmoon Valley, there are lots of Earth and Fire Elementals. These have a higher level than the ones in Blades Edge, and thus also have a higher drop rate of around 35%. While this is very nice, the spot is more competitive most of the time and the Elementals are more spread out and mixed with Earth Elementals, too.

Shadowmoon Valley Primal Fire Farming
Shadowmoon Valley Primal Fire Farming

The Elemental Plateau of Nagrad

As with most Primal Elements, Primal Fire can also be farmed on top of the Elemental Plateau in north-eastern Nagrad. Please note that a flying mount is required in order to access this area. Due to how close this location is to Shattrath and the fact that there are also many other Elementals here, makes this spot very competitive and not even worth it most of the time.

Nagrand Primal Air Farming
Nagrand Elemental Plateau Primal Farming

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