Talandras Rose Farming Guide Wrath

Talandra’s Rose Farming Guide Wrath

While Talandra’s Rose is not a material for any Flask, it is used in the creation of Icy Mana Potions and Powerful Rejuvenation Potion. Talandra’s Rose is most commonly found in the southern areas of Zul’Drak, mostly near Trees or Walls, and rarely in the water. The herb will almost never spawn in wide, open areas and requires a Skill of 385 to pick.

Farming Talandra’s Rose in Zul’Drak

Zul’Drak is the only area where Talandra’s Rose spawns. That being said, it can also be contained in Frozen Herbs in the more icy areas of Northrend. Though the Area marked in the image below should be much more reliable for farming Talandra’s Rose in Wrath Classic.

ZulDrak Herbalism Wrath Classic
ZulDrak Herbalism Wrath Classic

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