Goldclover Farming Guide Wrath

Goldclover Farming Guide Wrath

There are three zones in which Goldclover can be farmed well: Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra and Sholazar Basin. Goldclover generally spawns in open areas of the zones. It is required for many elixirs and potions, including the much-needed Runic Mana Potion, among others. Being the first and lowest of the Wrath Herbs, it only requires a Skill Level of 350 in Herbalism in order to pick it.

Farming Goldclover in the Howling Fjord

The Howling Fjord has by far the most Goldclover spawns of the three zones, making it the best zone to farm Goldclover specifically. In Addition, around the watery areas, there is also quite some Tiger Lily to be picked up.

Howling Fjord Goldclover Wrath Classic
Howling Fjord Goldclover Wrath Classic

Borean Tundra Goldclover Farming

While the Borean Tundra doesn’t have quite as many Goldclover spawns as the other zones, there are some Firethorn spawns in the north-east of the zone. Along with the Tiger Lily in the central lake, this can make the zone decent when the others are crowded.

Borean Tundra G Wrath Classic
Borean Tundra Herbalism Wrath Classic

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