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Adder’s Tongue Farming Guide Wrath

The only zone in which Adder’s Tongue can be found is Sholazar Basin. The herb grows everywhere in Sholazar Basin, and it’s not limited to specific areas like trees, water, rocks or open areas. Adder’s Tongue is one of the more expensive herbs in Wrath Classic. It is used in one of the high-end potions, Potion of Speed. This herb needs a Herbalism Skill of 400 to pick.

Farming Adders Tongue in Sholazar Basin

Sholazar Basin is the only zone in which farming Adders Tongue is possible. There is also a lot of Tiger Lily and some Goldclover spawns here. Overall, Sholazar Basin has more herb spawns than most of the other zones, making it a very popular and profitable zone for Herbalism farming in Wrath Classic.

Sholazar Basin Herbalism Wrath Classic
Sholazar Basin Herbalism Wrath Classic

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