TBC Mining Leveling Guide

TBC Mining Leveling Guide 1-375

How to level Mining in TBC Classic

The best and easiest way to level mining in TBC Classic is to mine Fel Iron Ore from 300 to 325 in Hellfire Peninsula. Once there, you can move to higher level zones and start mining Adamantite Ore until you reach 375.

As for a more detailed TBC Mining Guide, there is a section on that down below. Minable Ore Veins of TBC Classic are Fel Iron Ore, Adamantite Ore and Khorium Ore. The TBC Mining Trainers are in Honor Hold and Thrallmar, respectively. Additionally, there is a Master Mining Trainer both on the Aldor and Scryer side of Shattrath City.

Classic Mining Leveling Guide Tips & Tricks

There are a few important things to mention before you start leveling your mining skill with the help of this mining leveling guide. First of all, keep in mind that Darnassus has no ore at all, so if you are an elf, you need to get to Darkshore first. In addition, mining nodes mostly appear on hills or mountains, so keep that in mind when you are doing your rounds. Also remember that you don’t need to get all the skill point from mining, as smelting also gives skill points at some stages.

Classic Mining Leveling Guide 1 – 300

1-65 | Copper

Copper can be found in most of the starting zones, with the exception of Teldrassil/Darnassus. Copper should be easy enough to find in your respective starting zone, this is the easy part.

66-125 | Incendicite + Tin

Easiest way to level up to 125, is to go to The Wetlands and find Thelgan Rock (its near the entrance to Dun Algaz – 53,64). There is a cave there, that is full of spiders and a quest ore called Incendicite. This is an Alliance only quest, but Horde can still mine the ore. Now the ore itself is worthless and only used to complete the quest, but you can mine it from level 65 until about level 125. The nodes respawn quickly and you can level up your mining in less than an hour if your the only one in the cave. Alternatively, you can mine Tin in one of the following zones: Hillsbrad Foothills, Ashenvale, Wetlands, Redridge Mountains.

126-175 | Iron + Gold

Arathi Highlands and Alterac Mountains are great. Just do full rounds where ever there are hills and mountains in these zones. Desolace and Stranglethorn Vale work too, but not as fast.

176-250 | Mithril + Truesilver

Blasted Lands, Searing Gorge and Badlands are good for farming Mithril. The Hinterlands and Western Plaguelands are good too, but they also have some thorium, which you can’t mine yet, so it’s slower.

250-300 | Thorium

Thorium Ore spawns in any high level zone. The Burning Steppes can be good, as you can also pick up Dark Iron Ore along the way, but in my opinion the higher zones like Winterspring and Silithus are more worth it, because they have a higher chance of Rich Veins, which can have Arcane Crystals in them. Arcane Crystals are the real money maker for miners, as they can sell for up to 20g, depending on your server.

TBC Mining Leveling Guide
TBC Mining Leveling Guide

TBC Mining Guide 300 – 375

300-325 | Fel Iron Ore

Fel Iron Deposits are mostly found in Hellfire Peninsula, though they also spawn in some other lower-level zones like Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest and Nagrand. It has a 10% chance do contain some Motes of Fire or Earth each and can in theory bring you all the way to 375, but it will be green later on.

325+ | Adamantite Ore & Nethercite

Adamantite Deposits come in two variants: regular and Rich. The regular Adamantite Deposits are commonly found Blade’s Edge Mountains, Nagrand, Terokkar Forest and rarely in Zangarmarsh. Regular Deposits can be mined from 325 Skill. The Rich Adamantite Veins have a much higher chance for Motes of Earth (almost 50%!) and are mostly found in Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valley. Rich Deposits require 350 Mining Skill.

You can also mine Nethercite Ore on the Netherwing Island in south-east Shadowmoon Valley. It requres you to have a flying mount to get there though, and need 350+ Mining Skill. Nethercite Ore is used to gain Reputation with the Netherwing Faction

375 | Khorium Ore

Khorium Veins can be found anywhere in the Outlands and rarely spawn instead of Adamantite or Fel Iron Deposits. This is the same mechanic as in Classic, as Truesilver does the same thing with Mithril and Thorium. Khorium Ore cannot be prospected and required 375 Mining Skill to harvest.

How to get Eternium Ore in TBC Classic

Much like Fel Lotus, Eternium Ore has a small chance to be contained in any Outland Mining Node. The best way to farm Eternium ore is to just mine as much Adamantite Deposits and Khorium Veins as you can, as those have the highest chances to contain Eternium Ore.

TBC Eternium Ore Chances

  • Fel Iron Deposit: ~1.5%
  • Nethercite Deposit (Quest): ~2%
  • Adamantite Deposit: ~5%
  • Deposits in Dungeons: ~10%
  • Rich Adamantite Deposit: ~8%
  • Khorium Vein: ~6-10%

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