elwynn forest copper farming route

Farming Copper to make gold in Classic WoW

An overview of farming copper

  • Gold per hour: ~4-5 gold
  • Competition: low-medium
  • Requirements: Mining, Character level 8+

These routes are doable at very low level, even below level 8 if you like. You might want to avoid the caves, though, if they are too strong for you. Copper is needed by Blacksmiths and Engineers, and many of them might not have Mining, so this can be a lucrative method for gold farming, even at higher levels.

Elwynn Forest

When I tried this copper farming route, my warrior was level 8. I went into each of the caves once, and I did the whole circuit once in about 30 minutes, getting a total of 74 Copper Ore. That makes roughly 7-8 stacks per hour. If you just sell the ore, you can get around 0.5g per stack for it, so that would be around 4g per hour, not counting the Rough Stone and possible gems. You should check the price for Copper Bars, though, because you can get extra skill ups, if you need them. In addition to that, the bars may sell for more, since they are needed by other players, who might not have mining. So, here is my route:

elwynn forest copper farming route
elwynn forest copper farming route

Durotar Copper Farming

Durotar is a bit more profitable than the Alliance variant. There are more copper nodes in the zone and it is not as large as Elwynn Forest, making it a much better place for farming copper. In the 30 minutes I farmed here with a level 8 mage, I got 92 Copper Ore! That’s 9 stacks per hour, making a total of 4.5 gold per hour. Again, this is considering a price of 0.5g per stack of ore, and not turning it into bars or anything. There are a couple of options for this route, the best way is to alternate between them, so you don’t miss any respawned nodes. Here it is:

durotar copper farming route
durotar copper farming route
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