TBC Classic Primal Air Farming

Primal Air Farming in TBC

How to farm Primal Air

Primal Air drops from Air Elementals throughout the Outlands. Because Air Elementals are quite rare and Primal Air and is used for lots of Profession Recipes. Because of this, Primal Air can reach quite ridiculous prices at times, and the Primal Air farming locations are generally very competitive.

Farming Primal Air at the Elemental Plateau

While the Elementals at the Elemental Plateau in Nagrand have a slightly higher drop chance than others, there are usually a lot of players here, farming Primals. Because this spot is so close to Shattrath and also has most other types of Elementals, it can be hard to farm this location effectively.

It should be noted that there are also Air Elementals roaming throughout Nagrand, between levels 65 and 68. theses have a lower drop rate, but can be a good alternative during the day, when the other Primal Air farming locations are too busy.

Nagrand Primal Air Farming
Nagrand Primal Air Farming

Shadowmoon Valley Primal Air Farming

The second and last spot for Primal Air are the Enraged Spirits in the south-east of Shadowmoon Valley. These have a decent drop rate and are not too low level. You can even switch to Primal Fire in the center of the zone when there are too many people here.

One thing not many people know, is that there are actually a few Elementals north of the Black Temple as well. Though there is only a few here, and it’s usually not worth it unless you are the only person there.

Shadowmoon Valley Primal Air Farming
Shadowmoon Valley Primal Air Farming

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