TBC Leatherworking Leveling Guide

TBC Leatherworking Guide 1 – 375

How to level up Leatherworking in TBC & Classic

Leveling up Leatherworking is not as expensive as some other professions, like Blacksmithing. The required materials are very manageable. The way to do it is to craft the cheapest orange item you can every time. This will ensure that you always get a skill point for the cheapest cost possible.

Why you should level Leatherworking in TBC

In Classic, Leatherworking wasn’t great for making gold, as Leather was typically too expensive to make a profit. In TBC though, a few new things were introduced to this profession, making it much more viable. First, there are new Leg Enchants, which everyone will need. These are items you can create and sell on the Auction House.

In addition to this, there are the Drums. Drums will be changed in TBC Classic from what they were originally. They will most likely still be very good, though. It’s even possible that they make them usable by everyone, not just Leatherworkers, which would make it possible to sell them as well.

Leatherworking Leveling Guide
TBC Leatherworking Guide

TBC Leatherworking Guide – Leveling Materials

Materials for Leatherworking 1 – 300

  • 275x Light Leather
  • 20x Light Hide
  • 25x Medium Hide
  • 20x Heavy Hide
  • 220x Heavy Leather
  • 539x Thick Leather
  • 400x Rugged Leather

Materials for TBC Leatherworking 300 – 375

  • 100x Knothide Leather Scraps
  • 920x Knothide Leather
  • 36x Fel Scale
  • 220x Thick Clefthoof Leather
  • 40x Primal Earth
  • 30x Fel Hide
  • 30x Crystal Infused Leather
  • 20x Primal Air

TBC Leatherworking Trainers

  • Expert Leatherworker (150-225)
    • (Alliance) Telonis in Darnassus
    • (Horde) Una in Thunder Bluff
  • Artisan Leatherworker (225-300)
    • (Alliance) Wark Nightsky in The Hinterlands
    • (Horde) Hahrana Ironhide in Feralas
  • Master Leatherworker (300-375 – TBC)
    • (Neutral) Darmari in the Lower City, Shattrath City
    • (Alliance) Brumman in Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula
    • (Horde) Barim Spilthoof in Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula

Recipes required to level up Leatherworking

  • Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets
    • (Alliance) Leonard Porter in Chillwind Camp, Western Plaguelands
    • (Horde) Werg Thickblade at The Bulwark, between Western Plaguelands and Tirisfal
  • Pattern: Wicked Leather Headband
    • Drops from Jadefire Tricksters in Felwood. It shouldn’t be too expensive on the Auction House.

TBC Leatherworking Guide

Classic Leatherworking 1 – 300

  • 1-35: 35x Light Armor Kit – (1x Light Leather)
  • 36-55: 20x Cured Light Hide – (1x Light Hide, 1x Salt)
  • Train Journeyman Leatherworking at a Trainer!
  • 56-85: 30x Embossed Leather Gloves – (3x Light Leather, 2x Coarse Thread)
  • 86-110: 25x Fine Leather Belt – (6x Light Leather, 2x Coarse Thread)
    • Keep these for later! You’ll need them for the Dark Leather Belts.
  • 111-125: 25x Cured Medium Hide – (1x Medium Hide, 1s Salt)
    • Keep these for the next step.
  • 126-150: 25x Dark Leather Belt – (1x Cured Medium Hide, 1x Fine Leather Belt, 2x Fine Thread, 1x Gray Dye)
  • Train Expert Leatherworking at a Trainer!
  • 151-165: 20x Cured Heavy Hide – (1x Heavy Hide, 3x Salt)
    • Keep these for later! You’ll need them for the next steps.
  • 166-180: 20x Hillman’s Cloak – (5x Heavy Leather, 2x Fine Thread)
  • 181-190: 10x Barbaric Shoulders – (8x Heavy Leather, 1x Cured Heavy Hide, 2x Fine Thread)
  • 191-200: 10x Guardian Gloves – (4x Heavy Leather, 1x Cured Heavy Hide, 1x Silken Thread)
  • 201-220: 20x Thick Armor Kit – (5x Thick Leather, 1x Silken Thread)
  • Train Artisan Leatherworking at a Trainer!
  • 221-240: 25x Nightscape Headband – (5x Thick Leather, 2x Silken Thread)
    • These turn yellow relatively quickly. If you don’t want to push your luck, you can start making Nightscape Pants at 230.
  • 241-250: 10x Nightscape Pants – (14x Thick Leather, 4x Silken Thread)
  • 251-260: 10x Nightscape Boots – (16x Thick Leather, 2x Heavy Silken Thread)
  • 261-280: 20x Wicked Leather Gauntlets – (8x Rugged Leather, 1x Black Dye, 1x Rune Thread)
  • 281-300: 20x Wicked Leather Headband – (12x Rugged Leather, 1x Black Dye, 1x Rune Thread)

TBC Leatherworking Guide 300 – 375

  • 300-310: 20x Knothide Leather (5x Knothide Leather Scraps)
  • 310-320: 10x Wild Draenish Gloves (9x Knothide Leather, 3x Rune Thread)
  • 320-325: 5x Thick Draenic Boots (10x Knothide Leather, 3x Rune Thread)
  • 325-335: 100x Heavy Knothide Leather (5x Knothide Leather)
    • Keep these, you’ll need them later.
  • 335-340: 5x Thick Draenic Vest (14x Knothide Leather, 3x Rune Thread)
  • 340-355: 15x Scaled Draenic Boots (12x Knothide Leather, 2x Fel Scale, 3x Rune Thread)
    • These turn yellow at 345, but they’re still worth it. You might need to make a couple extra.
  • 355-365: 10x Heavy Clefthoof Boots (4x Heavy Knothide Leather, 20x Thick Clefthoof Leather, 4x Primal Earth, 2x Rune Thread)
  • 365-370: 5x Felstalker Bracers (6x Heavy Knothide Leather, 6x Fel Hide, 6x Crystal Infused Leather, 4x Primal Air, 2x Rune Thread)
    • This Recipe requires Honored Status with Honor Hold or Thrallmar.
  • 370-375: 5x Drums of Battle (6x Heavy Knothide Leather, 4x Thick Clefthoof Leather)
    • This Recipe requires Honored Status with the Sha’tar. Alternatively, you could craft any of the Leg Armors or other Drums.

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