Burning Steppes thorium farm route

WoW Classic Thorium Farming

Where to farm Thorium in Classic WoW

Thorium Ore comes in two variants: Rich Thorium Veins and Small Thorium Veins. They require 275 and 245 Mining skill respectively. Some of the best areas for Thorium farming in Classic WoW are Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands and Burning Steppes.


Winterspring is one of the best zones for classic thorium farming. It has one of the highest amount of Rich Thorium veins in the game. While that leads to a lot of competition, this is also the only place where Icecap grows. So if you also have Herbalism, you can double up great on this route.

Winterspring thorium farm route
Winterspring – Thorium farming guide

Un’Goro Crater

While Un’Goro Crater has less Rich Thorium veins, it can still be great, even though you will get less Arcane Crystals here. There is less competition here, so it can be worth it. You will also pick up some Mithril here, as this zone is not as high a level as the others.

Un'Goro Crater thorium farm route
Un’Goro Crater – Thorium farm route

Burning Steppes

The Burning Steppes are amazing if you have Mining and Herbalism, as you can pick up a bunch of Sungrass, Firebloom and some Dreamfoil on your way. But even if you only have Mining, it’s on par with Un’Goro Crater. You could also include the eastern mountain range into the route, but there are less Rich veins there. All in all, the zone is good for classic thorium farming, but also for herbalists.

Burning Steppes thorium farm route
Burning Steppes – Thorium farming classic

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cool. i had so much trouble finding thorium. until i read this guide…. thanks bro


TBH I have much better luck in EPL (Eastern Plaguelands)… you will come across more rich thorium veins here compared to
EPL – recommended to be high lvl 50’s – 60 before attempting to ride the edges of the zone..
Best results for rich veins will be found up the paths to where the abominations, crypt spiders, skull gaurdians are located (lvl 58-60’s). Rich Thorium veins have a higher yield of thorium, dense stones, and higher drop rate of valuable gems such as arcane crystals that are needed for epic crafting.
Possible plus side is that if you have completed the intro quest to acquire the AD rep trinket.. you can also farm the lvl 57+ mobs to gain invader scourge stones to go towards your Argent dawn rep.. basically a 2 for 1 win.. This is my goto zone for thorium.

Ungoro.. Recommended lvl 52+
Ungoro does have thorium veins, but generally the small ones or possibly 1 or 2 ooze covered ones found in the hive Located in the south.. these general only yield 1 – 2 hits then are gone.. most of the time only 1 hitters.. Which means less chance of gems to drop with each loot.. most of which can be found going up to paths along the mtn edges..
On the plus side is you are able to farm these much easier in the low – mid lvl 50’s range as long as you are aware of your surroundings..


what add-on do you use to get this satellite-esque view of the world map?