TBC Lower City Reputation Guide

Lower City Exalted Reputation Guide

How to get Lower City Rep

The Lower City Reputation Faction being situated in Shattrath, has much to offer to Players. Apart from the Auchenai Key, which grants access to the Heroic versions of the four Auchindoun Dungeons, there are quite a few cool items available!

As with most of these Dungeon Factions, you can easily get the Lower City Rep up to exalted by just farming Dungeons. The Sethekk Halls and Shadow Labyrinth even give Reputation all the way to exalted on normal mode, though you should try to run Heroics once you reach revered. Here’s all the ways to gain Lower City Rep in one image:

TBC Lower City Reputation Guide
TBC Lower City Reputation Guide

Lower City Netural to Exalted

While you could just farm dungeons all the way to Exalted, there is a much faster way to do it, although it might cost you a bit of gold. Here’s how to do it:

  • Neutral – Honored: Run normal mode Dungeons and Turn in Arakkoa Feathers for The Outcasts Plight. If you don’t run any dungeons, you’ll need a total of 1080 Feathers to reach Honored.
  • Honored – Revered: Complete all remaining Quests that give Lower City Reputation. They are all in Terokkar Forest and Shattrath. Try to save your Dungeon Quests in Auchindoun until now as well.
  • Revered – Exalted: Run Heroic Auchenai Crypts, Shadow Labyrinth or Sethekk Halls. Typical Rep runs will do Shadow Labyrinth until the second boss.

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