azshara gold farming

Why Azshara is so great for farming gold

Farming gold in Azshara

Why Azshara so good

While Azshara is not a high end zone, having been made level 42-55 players, it can be quite good for farming gold. One of the biggest reasons for this is that there is usually much less competition here. Felcloth can also be farmed in Felwood. This is where most people go to farm Satrys, since there are some other good opportunities there, too. What makes Azshara so great is the Dreamfoil. Azshara has, for the level range of the zone, a huge amount of Dreamfoil.

Felcloth & Runecoth

One of the main reasons why people come to Azshara is for farm Felcloth and Runecloth from the Satyr camps in the north. I have marked the exact locations, including my personal route for Dreamfoil farming, in the Screenshot below. The drop rate for Felcloth is between 5-10%, and it sells for around 2g per piece. Depending on your speed, this can average out to a quite substantial gold per hour!

Special & Rare Drops in Azshara

In addition to Runecloth and Felcloth, the “Legashi Rogues” drop a rare Enchanting “Formula: Enchant Gloves – Greater Agility”, with a drop rate of around 1%. This Formula can sell anywhere between 20 and 200 gold, as it depends a lot on your server. Ideally, you would look up the price if you want to farm here. This Formula only drops from these mobs, nowhere else!

Another Recipe that drops from those same mobs is the “Recipe: Elixir of the Mongoose”, at a much higher drop rate of 5%. This is not worth much on most servers, but it is worth noting. Apart from the “Jadefire Rogues” in Felwood, this Recipe drops nowhere else. But there are more advantages to farming gold in Azshara!

Dreamfoil – Azshara gold farming

When you are waiting for the satyrs to respawn, you can make a quick circuit around this route. Be careful around the south though, as there are elite giants and dragonkin here. The area is easily traversable at level 60, though. Dreamfoil sells for around 1g per piece on my server, so if you can find a couple of nodes when you swap the Satyr camps, it’s already worth it.

azshara gold farming map
azshara gold farming map
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