Scholomance outside area

How to get the Scholomance key in WoW

Why you want the Scholomance key

Scholomance is one of the key high level dungeons that many people will run to get their pre-raid gear. There are even some epics that can drop here. In the early days, when not many people have the key to this dungeon, you can get quite good tips for opening the door for others. You can just farm undead or gather around the Plaguelands and open the door whenever a group needs someone with the key. This is a good way to push your gold per hour since the tip can be up to 5 gold sometimes, depending on the players, of course.

How to get the Scholomance key

  • First, you need to get the Quest “Call to Arms: “Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!” in one of the major cities. This will lead you to the Western Plaguelands and unlock the next Quest, either “Clear the Way” for Alliance, or “Scarlet Diversions” for the Horde.
  • Once completed, you want to get the quest “All Along the Watchtowers”, from Commander Ashlam Valorfist in Chillwind Camp if you are Alliance, or from High Executor Derrington at the Bulward, for Horde players. Complete this quest by lighting the fires at the four Watchtowers in Andorhal, then go back and turn in the quest.
  • Afterwards, there is a quest called “Scholomance“, which is just some dialogue between the NPCs of the camp, after which you will be able to accept the next step of the quest for the Scholomance key.
  • You can get the next quest, “Skeletal Fragments”, from a different NPC in the same camp. Apothecary Dithers for the Horde and Alchemist Arbington for the Alliance. Kill some more undead in and around Andorhal, and once you have the fragments, turn in the quest.
  • You will get the next quest “Mold Rhymes With…” from the same, NPC, and he will send you to Gadgetzan to meet with Krinkle Goodsteel. Make sure you have 15 gold and 2 Thorium Bars before travelling to Tanaris! You will need it for the following step.
  • The Goblin will then give you the quest “Fire Plume Forged”. You need to travel to the center of Un’Goro Crater and find the hotspot at the small lava lake right at the top. Once there, use the item to forge the key mold, then travel back to the Plaguelands and turn the quest in.
  • Finally, you will get the last quest in the chain to get the Scholomance key: “Araj’s Scarab”. For this quest, you will need a group of 5 to kill the elite lich in the center of Andorhal. Once this is done, go back to the camp and turn in the quest.

Congratulations! You now own the key to Scholomance.

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Thank you very much for this concise, yet clear explanation!

Billy Bumblecock

Hey, so you’re missing some important components. There’s a pre-quest that you have to complete before Derrington will give you the All Along the Watchtowers quest. After you turn-in the AAtW quest, you have to go back and forth with some dialogue, and you’ll get the Skeletal Fragments quest from the guy standing next to Derrington.

BiG MacNcheese

For Horde you need to complete “Scarlet Diversions” and not “Clear the Way” to get the quest “All Along the Watchtower”