Felwood Satyr felcloth farming

Felcloth Farming in Classic WoW

Felcloth Farming Overview

  • Average Gold per hour: 50 – 70g
  • Competition: medium
  • Profession required: none


With a drop rate of 4% at both spots, Felcloth is one of the biggest gold makers at this spot. Apart from Runecloth of course, although there are better spots for farming that specifically. Felcloth sells for 3-5 gold per piece. Depending on your kill speed, you can get pretty good gold per hour at this spot, anywhere from 50 – 70 gold per hour. If you have Herbalism, you can pick up Gromsblood here, too.

Felwood Satyr felcloth farming
Felwood Satyr felcloth farming


Just like in Felwood, there are 2 camps of Satyrs in Azshara, but these are much closer together. That makes it a lot easier to switch camps when there is too much competition. In Azshara, you can pick up Thorium and Dreamfoil while farming gold. If you have the respective professions, of course.

Azshara Satyr felcloth farming
Azshara Satyr felcloth farming
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Your gold per hour is very generous. I’ve been farming the Jadefire Satyrs for a couple days and killing 2-3 per minute and I’ve had felcloth drop 2-5 per hour and demonic runes dropping 3-6 per hour. You make more money on this farm selling Mageweave and Runecloth than Felcloth.


oh boy farming felcloth is like finding a needle in a haste stack