TBC Herbalism Leveling Guide

TBC Herbalism Guide 1 – 375

How to level up Herbalism in TBC

With the help of this herbalism leveling guide, you will soon be an artisan or even master herbalist, it just needs a little patience. Be sure to train the next level of the profession as soon as you can, so you don’t miss out. Artisan trainers for herbalism can be found in any major city.

The Trainers for Herbalism in TBC are in Honor Hold and Thrallmar respectively. In Addtition, there are two Neutral Herbalism trainers in Shattrath City, one for the Aldor and one for the Scryers.

Classic Herbalism Leveling Guide 1 – 300

1-50 | Silverleaf + Peacebloom.

These two herbs can be found in abundance in and around the starting zones for each race. In addition to these two, you can also start gathering Earthroot once you hit skill level 15. They like to grow near hills.

51-70 | Mageroyal + Earthroot

You can stay in the starting zones and keep picking Earthroot or you can go to Westfall/Barrens depending on your faction and do circuits picking Mageroyal and Earthroot.

71-100 | Briarthorn

This part is particularly easy for Horde players, as they can just stay in the Barrens and start gathering Briarthorn as soon as they can. For the Alliance, eastern Loch Modan, Redrige and southern Darkshore are good areas. Also, don’t forget to train your profession before you hit 75.

101-115 | Bruiseweed

This one is simple: Stonetalon Mountains for the Horde, and Ashenvale for the Alliance. Also, there is also Bruiseweed in some locations in Loch Modan, Redridge and southern Barrens, but less of it.

116-125 | Wild Steelbloom

Wild Steelblooms like mountains and hills. You can do your rounds in Arathi Highlands. Stranglethorn Vale works too, bit it might be more dangerous.

126-160 | Kingsblood

Ashenvale, Wetlands, Hillsbrad Foothills and Stranglethorn Vale. From This point onwards, you can also get quite far by just gathering everything you can in the Swamps of Sorrow, but I recommend you wait unit you have reached 150 and learned the next level of the profession before you go there.

161-205 | Fadeleaf, Khadgar’s Whisker & Goldthorn

Swamp of Sorrows is amazing for Herbalism. There is a lot of Goldthorn & Fadeleaf here. Goldthorn generally likes to grow near hills & mountains and requires Herbalism skill 170. You could even stay longer than 205, though after 205, there are other places that are much quicker. For instance, Khadgar’s Whisker in the Hinterlands.

206-230 | Firebloom

Searing Gorge and Blasted Lands are great. Tanaris also has a bunch of Firebloom, but it can be quite slow because the zone is so spread out.

231-250 | Sungrass

Felwood and Feralas are the main zones for Sungrass. The Hinterlands and Azshara have some, too.

251-270 | Gromsblood & Golden Sansam

Felwood and Blasted Lands are good. There is also a small area in Ashenvale, Demon Fall Canyon. It’s small but it can be worth it, as it is not very well known. Once you reach 260, you can also start farming Golden Sansam.

270+ | Dreamfoil & Mountain Silversage

Blasted Lands, Silithus and Un’Goro Crater have the most Dreamfoil. Here is a more detailed guide for Dreamfoil farming routes. Mountain Silversage can also help you on your way after you reach skill 280.

285+ | Pleaguebloom

Can be found in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, and Felwood.

290+ | Icecap

Icecap only appears in Winterspring. Here is a detailed guide for farming Icecap.

TBC Herbalism Leveling Guide
TBC Herbalism Leveling Guide

TBC Herbalism Leveling Guide 300 – 375

300-325 | Felweed

Felweed is the most common of the Outland herbs. It generally grows in open areas and can be found in all Outland zones. Felweed is used for a wide variety of Potions in TBC and will almost always sell.

325-350 | Ragveil, Terocone & Flame Cap

Ragveil is found in Zangarmarsh and the Coilfang Dungeons. It can also be harvested from Bog Giants in the Zone and can sometimes yield Unidentified Plant Parts, which are required for Cenarion Expedition Reputation. Once you reach 335 Skill, you can also gather Flame Caps in Zangarmarsh.

Alternatively, you can farm Terocone from 325 upwards in the Terokkar Forest. Terocone generally sells quite well, as it is only found there and in very small, wooded areas of Shadowmoon Valley.

350+ | Ancient Lichen & Netherbloom

Ancient Lichen can only be found inside the Dungeons of Outland. This does not include the Caverns of Time. It can be gathered from 340 upwards, though I would recommend going with Netherbloom instead. Netherbloom can only spawn in Netherstorm and seems to like wide open areas.

365+ | Nighmare Vine & Mana Thistle

While you can get to 375 by only gathering Netherbloom quite easily, Nightmare Vine will sell a bit better, and you need to switch zones while leveling anyway. Mana Thistle can be found in any max level Outland zone, but can only be gathered at max skill. It sells very well though.

How to get Fel Lotus in TBC Classic

Other than Black Lotus in Classic, Fel Lotus does not have its own spawn points. Fel Lotus is randomly contained in any Outland herb. The chance for this varies from 1.5% for Felweed to 3% for the high-end herbs like Mana Thistle. From experience, this usually evens out to about 1 Fel Lotus per hour, depending on your competition.


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