Terocone Farming Guide Terokkar Forest

Terocone Farming Guide

In this Terocone farming guide, I’ll provide you with a detailed map of all the Terocone spawn points. Because Terocone is used for some expensive alchemy recipes, farming Terocone is usually very lucrative in terms of gold per hour.

Farming Terocone in Terokkar Forest

As you can see below, this Terocone farming route can be combined very well with Manathistle Farming in Skettis and The Barrier Hills near Shattrath, if you have a flying mount. It’s usually not worth it to go through the center for a few Felweed, so I suggest doing a circle around the Edge of Auchindoun, then go from Skettis to the Barrier Hills and back, checking the green area in between thoroughly.

Terrokkar Forest Terocone Farming
Terrokkar Forest Terocone Farming

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