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3 Hidden grinding spots in Classic WoW

Never worry about competition again

Have you ever farmed at your favorite farming location and after 30 minutes of farming, someone else got there? It can be very frustrating when this happens. This is why I have refined some of the least used locations for raw grinding in the Game. While they are not as great as other grind spots, these hidden grinding spots have little to no competition most of the time.

Duskwood hidden grinding spots

Everyone knows about the worgen in Duskwood. They are skinnable and in the spots I am pointing out, they are around level 30. While there is a quest chain to kill these, there is one Location where there is usually noone else. There are several large camps of worgen here, which can be skinned for medium and some heavy leather.

In addition to this, there are two locations near Darkshire, in the regular wilderness. There are Wolves and Spiders around level 25 at these locations. The Wolves can be skinned for medium leather and the spiders can drop Spider’s Silk, which usually sells for around 30-50 silver.

duskwood hidden grinding spots
duskwood hidden grinding spots

Strangethorn Vale – Jaguero Isle

The Gorillas and Cats on this island are around level 50. While this location is one of the lesser hidden grinding spots, there is quite a large amount of mobs here. This means that there is more than enough space here for 2 players. The Beasts can be skinned, mostly for Thick Leather, and a small amount of Rugged Leather.

Stranglethorn Vale thick leather farm spot
Stranglethorn Vale thick leather farm spot

Deadwind Pass

While many people know of this zone and the fact that there is not a single quest here, depending on your server, the spot can be quite amazing. If you are th eonly one here, the Ogres in the south-east drop good Runecloth and Green items.

Additionally, there are undead Ghosts further in the south, which also have a good chance to drop Runecloth. So if the Ogres are farmed on your server, you can switch to the Ghosts in the south. Either way, the Deadwind Pass is great for farming Runecloth. I won’t include a map for this, as apart from the birds, these are literally all the mobs there are in the zone.

If you have more suggestions, feel free to comment them down below!

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