How to prepare for Patch 3.2 ToC and what’s coming

WotLK Classic Patch 3.4.2, formerly known as Patch 3.2, has hit the PTR May 18th. We’ve got everything you need to know and what to expect from the upcoming changes. This patch marks the beginning of phase 3.

Epic Gems and how to acquire them

Jewelcrafting Vendor in Dalaran

One of the major additions of phase 3 are epic gems. These are basically an upgraded version of the gems currently available and can be obtained in a few different ways.

We suggest you to stack up on Titanium Ore as soon as possible, as the new gems can be acquired by prospecting titanium ore. It is somewhat dependent on luck, but still a good way for obtaining the epic gems.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to user your emblems or honor to obtain them, as well as transmute them using alchemy. However, we still propose you stacking up on titanium before the patch hits the live servers.

To obtain the recipes for the new gems, head to the jewel crafting vendor in Dalaran. You’ll find everything there!

How will Emblems work in Trial of the Crusader

Previously, bosses in raids dropped tier tokens that could be exchanged for the set pieces available. Additionally, it was possible to buy those set tokens from some vendors for Emblems of Conquest (or other tokens).

In Trial of the Crusader, there are three sets you can earn:

  1. Item Level 232: “of Conquest”-Set
  2. Item Level 245: “of Triumph”-Set
  3. Item Level 258: Heroic version of the “of Triumph”-Set

To earn the Emblems for the “of Conquest”-Set, you need to complete the daily heroic quest or complete the Trial of the Crusader raids. The set can’t be upgraded, but hands and legs can be dropped during the 10-player versions of the new PvP boss Koralon the Flame Watcher.

The “of Triumph”-Set requires Trophy of the Crusade, dropped from the Argent Crusade Tribute Chest in the 10-player version of the raid and additionally from the bosses in the 25-player version.

The Heroic “of Triumph”-Set is difficult to obtain for most players, as the set can only be exchanged for a Regalia. Those drop at the end of the 25-player trial if all bossed have been defeated in heroic mode. This way, up to 4 Regalias can be earned per week per Raid ID. To make it even more difficult, those are randomly diced from a pool of possible regalias.

The regalias are grouped for different classes, as in the previous patches.

Defense Protocol Beta

Finally, the Titan Rune Dungeons get the long awaited new difficulty – Defense Protocol Beta. To initiate the new difficulty, it is necessary for the group to interact with the Mysterious Device at the entrance of heroic dungeons and choose the Defense Protocol Beta option. All five groupmembers need to channel on the device until the cast bar is full. Following that, the protocol will be activated.

With Defense Protocol Beta activated, creatures and bosses gain a variation of hazardous effects with an additional boost in health and damage.

But don’t be scared to try it out! It’ll be worth your while. Defeating bosses grants you rewards from the 10-player version of Ulduar. Defeating the final boss includes a new currency, Sidereal Essence. Each player earns one of those per final boss. Those can be exchanged for rewards from the 10-player hard mode version at the Animated Constellation Vendor in Dalaran. Additionally the satchel awarded for defeating the final boss of the daily heroic includes an additional Emblem of Triumph.

Did we make you hungry for more? Hold tight and dive in as soon as the patch drops!

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