Winterspring icecap farm route

Icecap Farming in Classic WoW

Farming Icecap in Winterspring

Farming Icecap is a bit tricky, since the herb is unique to Winterspring. It grows mostly in the south and the west of the zone, which is why we area leaving out the north in this route. Farming icecap can be very competitive, so you might want to take that into account when looking at using this route. You could also check out the Thorium route in Winterspring if you have mining. That route includes most of the big icecap spots and is tailored around having both Mining and Herbalism. Here is the route:

Winterspring icecap farm route
Winterspring icecap farm route

Tip: You could combine this classic Icecap farming route with the Gromsblood route, which is right next door. Just do one circuit in Winterspring, then fly to Felwood and do one round there to gather Gromsblood and Plaguebloom. When you come back to Winterspring, most of the Icecap will have respawned.

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