TBC Netherwing Reputation Guide

Netherwing Reputation Guide

Why farm Netherwing Reputation?

The Netherwings are one of the few factions in TBC that requires a flying mount to access. With good reason, though: Once you reach exalted reputation with them, you get you very own Netherwing Drake Mount! Apart from the cool mount, there is no real reason to farm this reputation faction.

The fastest you can be is about 2 weeks to exalted if you only do the repeatable quests once. It is possible to do much quicker, though, through the Accepting all Eggs Repeatable Quest, which requires farming Netherwing Eggs.

TBC Netherwing Reputation Guide
TBC Netherwing Rep Guide – Netherwing Mount

How to get the Nethwing Rep to Exalted

Once you have unlocked the Faction, it is quite simple: In order to get the Netherwings to Exalted, you can complete the daily quests on the Netherwing Island every day. Once you reach the higher Reputation Ranks, some regular quests will unlock. Once you complete these, they will unlock some additional daily quests.

Unlocking the Netherwing Rep Faction

In order to unlock the Netherwing Faction for your Character, you need to complete the “Ally of the Netherwing quest chain”, as detailed below:

  • Talk to Mordenai in the Netherwing Fields in the south-east of Shadowmoon Valley. He will give you the Quest Kindness. Complete this quest by feeding 8 Mature Netherwing Drakes in the area.
  • Talk to Mordenai to turn in Kindness and aceept the next Quest, Seek Out Neltharaku. Fly up to find Neltharaku patrolling the area. Talk to him to complete the Quest and listen to his tale for Neltharaku’s Tale.
  • Kill 15 Dragonmaw Orcs for Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress, then talk to again.
  • Collect 12 Nethervine Crystals for To Netherwing Ledge! in the south-east and return to Neltharaku.
  • Free 5 Enslaved Netherwing Drakes using the Enchanted Nethervine Crystal for The Force of Neltharaku.
  • Talk to Karynaku, who is chained atop the Dragonmaw Fortress. This can be done solo, as there is no fighting involved (yet).
  • Kill Zuluhed the Whacked and recover Zuluhed’s Key. Then use the Key to free Karynaku.
  • Talk to Karynaku, who tells you to return to Mordenai. He will give you your reward, a decent blue item, and your Reputation with the Netherwing Faction will go from Hated to Neutral.

The Netherwing Egg Grind

If you want to get your Reputation up even faster, you can farm, or even buy, Netherwing Eggs and turn them in to
Yarzill the Merc
. The Eggs drop from any monster on the Netherwing Ledge and can even be harvested from the special gathering nodes in the area.

In addition, the Netherwing Eggs can sometimes be found as an object on the ground, which players can just pick up. The repeatable Quest Accepting All Eggs will award you with +250 Reputation for every Egg you turn in.

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