TBC Shatar Reputation Guide

Sha’tar Reputation Guide to Exalted rep

How to get Sha’tar Rep

The Sha’tar are one of the reputation factions of Shattrath City. The Naaru belong to this faction, as well as the inner-City guards etc. As the Sha’tar are part of the Shattrath group of Factions, there are some not-so well-known ways to get them to exalted quickly.

One of those ways is the Aldor & Scryer Reputation turn-ins. These grant 50% of the respective gained reputation as Sha’tar Rep as well. This also includes regular quests. Keep in mind, though, that this only works until 5999/6000 Friendly Status.

TBC Shatar Reputation Guide
TBC Shatar Reputation Guide

Getting Sha’tar Rep to exalted

  • Neutral – Honored: Run normal mode Tempest Keep Dungeons, complete Aldor/Scryer Quests and Turn-ins,
  • Honored – Revered: Complete all Sha’tar specific quests, like the TK Attunement, Arcatraz Key Quest, etc.
  • Revered – Exalted: Run Heroic Tempest Keep Dungeons. The Botanica is the most efficient here and can even be worth it farming on normal mode until exalted.

Sha’tar Rep exalted rewards

As far as crafting recipes go, the Sha’tar are interesting for Alchemists, Enchanter, Jewelcrafters and Leatherworkers. In addition to this, there are three epic items available at exalted reputation:

  • A’dal’s Command: Ring with Strength, Agility & Stamina
  • Gavel of Pure Light: Very good healer MH for pre-raid gear. 299 addheal and 8 mp5.
  • Crest of the Sha’tar: Good Shield for Tanks with block value, defense and some stamina.

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