Thorium Brotherhood Reputation Guide

Thorium Brotherhood Reputation Guide


There are lots of reputation factions that you might want to increase when you first hit level 60. The Thorium Brotherhood Faction provides some great crafting recipes for Tailors, Leatherworkers and Blacksmiths, including Fire Resistance gear, which is required for some bosses in the Molten Core and the Blackwing Lair.

Reputation Rewards

Reputation Cost RecipeRecipe Type
Friendly 12g Recipe: Transmute Elemental Fire (Phase 5)Alchemy
Friendly 7gPlans: Dark Iron Bracers Blacksmithing
Friendly 3gFormula: Enchant Weapon – Strength Enchanting
Friendly 16gPattern: Molten Helm Leatherworking
Friendly 15gPattern: Corehound Boots Leatherworking
Friendly 8gPattern: Flarecore Gloves Tailoring
Honored6gPlans: Dark Iron Helm Blacksmithing
Honored 22gPlans: Dark Iron Destroyer Blacksmithing
Honored 22gPlans: Dark Iron Reaver Blacksmithing
Honored 9gPlans: Fiery Chain Girdle Blacksmithing
Honored 8gFormula: Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spirit Enchanting
Honored 6gPattern: Lava Belt Leatherworking
Honored 16gPattern: Black Dragonscale Boots Leatherworking
Honored 18gPattern: Flarecore Mantle Tailoring
Honored 6gPattern: Flarecore Robe Tailoring
Revered7gPlans: Black Amnesty Blacksmithing
Revered 7gPlans: Blackfury Blacksmithing
Revered 20gPlans: Fiery Chain Shoulders Blacksmithing
Revered 8gPlans: Dark Iron Gauntlets Blacksmithing
Revered 18gPlans: Dark Iron Leggings Blacksmithing
Revered 10gFormula: Enchant Weapon – Mighty Intellect Enchanting
Revered 9gPattern: Molten Belt Leatherworking
Revered 9gPattern: Corehound Belt Leatherworking
Revered 9gPattern: Chromatic Gauntlets Leatherworking
Revered 9gPattern: Flarecore Leggings Tailoring
Exhalted12gPlans: Blackguard (Phase 4)Blacksmithing
Exhalted 8gPlans: Dark Iron Boots Blacksmithing
Exhalted 12gPlans: Ebon Hand Blacksmithing
Exhalted 12gPlans: Nightfall Blacksmithing
Searing Gorge and the Blackrock
Searing Gorge and the Blackrock – Thorium Brotherhood Reputation Guide

Neutral to Friendly

There are some repeatable quests to complete for “Master Smith Burninate” at Thorium Point. You will need 2 Incendosaur Scale, 1 Coal, which can be bought from him, and either 4 Kingsblood, 4 Iron Bars or 10 Heavy Leather. The Incensosaur Scales drop and can be skinned from the dinos in a cave in the cauldron. The entrance is at around 47,43: Heres a map.

These quests all award 25 Reputation for the Thorium Brotherhood. This means that in order to get to Friendly without anything else, you will need to turn in 1200 Heavy Leather, 480 Iron Bars or 480 Kingsblood. Keep in mind though, that there are also some regular quests here that award reputation!

Friendly to Honored

This is arguably the easiest step of the reputation farm for the Thorium Brotherhood in Classic WoW. The only thing you need to do is turn in Dark Iron Residue. To get all the way from Friendly to Honored Rep with the Thorium Brotherhood, you will need a total of 960 of it, as it only awards 25 Rep per 4 Dark Iron Residue. You can turn it in at the same NPC as before.

Honored to Exhalted

Lokhtos Darkbargainer resides in the Tavern of the Blackrock Depths, in the far left corner. He is also the primary Quartermaster or Vendor for the Thorium Brotherhood, as he sells all the Reputation rewards. Here’s a list of what you can turn in here:

  • 10 Dark Iron Ore – 50 Rep
  • 1 Fiery Core – 200 Rep
  • 1 Lava Core – 200 Rep
  • 2 Core Leather – 150 Rep
  • 1 Blood of the Mountain – 200 Rep

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros
Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

In addition, by turning in a Sulfuron Ingot for Lokhtos Darkbargainer, Players can aquire the “Plans: Sulfuron Hammer”, which is required for the Legendary Hammer, “Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros”. In combination with the Eye of Sulfuras, of course, which drops from Ragnaros himself.

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