Preparing for Phase 5 and Ahn'Quiraj release

Ahn’Quiraj & Phase 5 release Preparation

When will Ahn’Quiraj release?

The Phase 5 and Ahn’Quiraj release is just around the corner. An announcement is most likely happening in the next couple of weeks, though you want to start preparing for it before that. Once it has been announced, people will start to buyout lots of materials that are needed for the opening event, along with other things.

In this post I will go over some of the Items that will most likely rise in price and some that will drop substantially.

What to stockpile for Phase 5

Unlocking the Scarab Wall to gain entrance into the two new Raids of Ahn’Quiraj requires a massive effort from both factions. Altogether, over 3 million Items are required for the whole War Effort. Here’s a complete list of these items:

Both Factions:

  • 90,000 Copper Bars
  • 26,000 Purple Lotus
  • 80,000 Thick Leather
  • 17,000 Spotted Yellowtail
  • 400,000 Runecloth Bandages


  • 22,000 Tin Bars
  • 18,000 Mithril Bars
  • 96,000 Peacebloom
  • 19,000 Firebloom
  • 60,000 Heavy Leather
  • 60,000 Rugged Leather
  • 10,000 Lean Wolf Steak
  • 10,000 Baked Salmon
  • 250,000 Wool Bandages
  • 250,000 Mageweave Bandages


  • 28,000 Iron Bars
  • 24,000 Thorium Bars
  • 20,000 Arthas’ Tears
  • 33,000 Stranglekelp
  • 180,000 Light Leather
  • 110,000 Medium Leather
  • 20,000 Roast Raptor
  • 14,000 Rainbow Fin Albacore
  • 800,000 Linen Bandages
  • 600,000 Silk Bandages
Ahn'Quiraj Scarab Wall Gong
Ahn’Quiraj Scarab Wall Gong

Firebloom price increase & New Recipes

Firebloom will most likely increase in price massively. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • 19,000 pieces are required for the War Effort
  • The new “Formula: Brilliant Wizard Oil”, which can be acquired from the Zandalar Tribe with Honored reputation requires 3 of it
  • Most raiding mages will start switching over to a fire spec, making the new “Recipe: Elixir of Greater Firepower”, which also requires 3 Firebloom, very valuable. It will drop from Dark Iron Taskmasters in the Searing Gorge.

All of these things combined with Ahn’Quiraj 20 and 40 coming out will surely make the price of Firebloom rise significantly. If you want to farm for it, you should do it now, as it will be very crowded once Ahn’Quiraj releases. If you want to learn how to farm Firebloom effectively, look no further!

Transmute Elemental Fire

In Addition, There will be a new Transmute available, turning one Heart of Fire into 3 Elemental Fire. So if you still have any Elemental Fire lying around, you should sell it or use it as soon as possible. If you have Alchemy, you might also want to stockpile a few stacks of Heart of Fire before Phase 5, since it is dirt cheap at the moment. You will want to be quick about selling it though, once Phase 5 hits. The price will adjust quite rapidly, since the Cooldown of the Transmute is only 10 Minutes.

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