Aldor or Scryers Reputation Guide

Aldor or Scryers Reputation Guide

Aldor & Scryer Reputation Guide

Upon first entering Shattrath City, the player is given a choice between two of the factions of TBC Classic: Aldor or Scyer. You can only ever have one of these factions be friendly to you, so you should choose wisely! Tuning back and choosing the other Faction afterwards is a very grindy or expensive process.

What to choose – Aldor or Scryer?

In general, it can safely be said that melee and physical damage classes should choose Aldor and Casters should choose Scryers. For Healers, the choice is a bit harder, but it doesn’t make a huge difference. Choosing the Scryers will give you a slightly easier time equipping your character early on, while the Aldor have a slightly stronger Shoulder enchant.

Of course, the other reputation rewards like profession recipes play a large role in the choice as well. You can check the Aldor Reputation Rewards and Scryer Reputation Rewards here.

For some useful information about what other people are choosing, check out these tables and percentages!

How to get Aldor and Scryers to exalted

Getting the Aldor and Scryers to exalted is quite easy. You can simply do the repeatable quests either on the Scryer’s Tier or the Aldor Plateau in Shattrath. In Addition to this, there are a bunch of Quests in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley that give reputation with these factions.

Aldor Reputation

  • Mark of Kil’jaeden (x10 = 250 rep)
  • Mark of Sargeras (x10 = 250 rep)
  • Fel Armaments (x1 = 350 rep)

Scryers Reputation

  • Firewing Signet (x10 = 250 rep)
  • Sunfury Signet (x10 = 250 rep)
  • Arcane Tome (x1 = 350 rep)
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