Best Group Compositions for Hardcore Classic

Best Group Compositions for Hardcore Classic

Hardcore Classic Grouping & Dungeon rules

World of Warcraft Classic, the nostalgic revival of the iconic MMORPG, has rekindled the passion for hardcore gameplay and intense challenges. In the realm of grouping and dungeon rules, a significant shift is on the horizon. In the past, the community established stringent guidelines, prohibiting any form of grouping and enforcing a one-time-only policy for dungeon runs.

However, the coming official hardcore servers are set to break these limitations, bringing a new era of possibilities. Players will now be able to group up freely and trade among themselves without restraint. Moreover, a standardized 24-hour lockout will be implemented for each dungeon, adding structure to the gameplay experience.

Best Duo and Trio Classes for HC Classic

Before we go further into detail on what compositions we suggest, we want you to know that it’s always nice to have a tank & heal combo ready when heading into dungeons.

Duo Compositions

Warrior & Priest:

As stated above, a tank and heal combo is suggested. Warrior & Priest is a good example for that. Obviously, the warrior is able to tank pretty easily while still allowing him to maximize DPS using Sunder Armor and Rend. The priest job is to keep the warrior alive while also being able to deal good amounts of single target damage when healing is not required.

Rogue & Druid:

Rogue and Druid is a fairly unique pair, as they are both strong solo levelers. Matching them together allows the to make full use of Stealth and Prowl, especially in dungeons. Pairing a Rogue with any other class can be complicated, but pairing him with a druid actually brings out the best in a Rogue. A Rogue can output extreme amounts of damage and has an incredible kill speed, but has to stop often for recovering through eating. A Druid can provide enough single target health over time to keep him fighting longer.

Double Mage

The way double Mage works is fairly easy to understand: they have a huge potential for an enormous AoE grinding. Especially for leveling, killing quickly is almost always preferred above having to heal at all.

Trio Compositions

Warrior, Priest & Mage

Classic combination – it combines tanking capabilities and DPS maximizing (again, using Rend and Sunder Armor) with the classic setup of a healing priest and a DPS mage. Simple setup, simple to play, simple to maintain. Good for getting used to hardcore, we highly suggest it.

Paladin, Druid & Mage

Basically the same as the above tactic, but still different. The paladin provides more tanking and peeling capabilities, while the mage can output enormous amounts of DPS as well as CC in form of slows. The druid is able to efficiently heal the paladin while also being able to take over tanking for a short amount of time if necessary.

Druid, Druid & Mage/Warlock

Well, who would have guessed a double druid setup? Well, it can be quite effective! You can have one druid focus on tanking, while the other one can focus on healing. A Mage/Warlock rounds this composition off by providing the necessary amount of DPS and/or utility.

What really counts in Dungeons

Now, if you read this guide carefully, you might have noticed that there’s a repeating pattern in what types of classes you want for your group. That being said, there are a lot of other possible combinations you can play which might not be as solid as those mentioned, but the perfect composition is just a small amount of the cake. The most important thing is the players skill and/or capabilities playing their class.

Also, don’t focus too much on maximizing efficiency by playing something you don’t enjoy, as the fun is still the most important part of the game!

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