Rugged Leather Farming

Winterspring Yeti Cave

The Yetis around this Cave can be amazing for classic Rugged Leather farming! They are unique, because they drop Runecloth and are skinnable, which is very, very rare. In fact, I’m not sure if skinnable humanoids like these will behave in Blizzards version of Classic WoW, which is set to realease on the 27th of August. In addition to this, there are also some Thorium Veins inside the Cave, so if you want to double up even more, this is the place.

Winterspring Rugged Leather farmspot
Winterspring Rugged Leather farmspot


Silithus is good, because the mobs have a high level, just like in Wintersprinng, so they have a higher chance for Rugged Leather. There are 3 types of mobs here: Scorpions, Spiders and Duneworms. While the Spiders are not skinnable, they drop good silk, which can be sold on the Auction House. In addition to that, the Scorpions also drop their Scales, which also sell quite well. Here’s the spot:

Silithus Rugged Leather farmspot
Silithus Rugged Leather farmspot

Un’Goro Crater, the Skinners heaven

While next to every mob in Un’Goro Crater can be skinned for Rugged Leather and Thick Leather, the chances are not as good as the other two zones, so you will get more Thick Leather. I will not provide a map for this zone, as you can literally just kill any mob here, 95% are skinnable. If you are looking for Devilsaur Leather though, this zone is the only place where it is obtainable. If you have Leatherworking, the combination of these two professions can make even more gold than just selling the Leather. Now, go and get your Rugged Leather farming on =).

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Highly descriptive article, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?


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