TBC Black Morass Attunement Guide

How complete the Black Morass Attunement

The Black Morass Attunement Quest

The Black Morass is the second Dungeon in the Caverns of Time, which were opened in The Burning Crusade. When they first get there, players can’t enter this Dungeon, though. This is because there is an Attunement Questline that needs to be completed before players can enter the Dungeon. The Dungeon is required for several Quests, like the Karazhan Attunement and one of the Alchemy Specializations.

How to complete the Black Morass Attunement

The Questline that needs to be completed is relatively simple and requires you to complete the “previous” Dungeon, Escape from Durnholde. Here’s the way to do it:

  • Go to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris and speak with the Steward of Time to get the Quest: To The Master’s Lair.
  • Speak to the dragon behind him to fly down. Then talk to Andormu and get the next Quest: The Caverns of Time.
  • Follow the Custodian of Time through the Caverns of Time. Once complete, you will receive the Old Hillsbrad Quest.
  • Enter the Old Hillsbrad Dungeon and speak to Erozion at the Entrance to get your next Quest: Taretha’s Diversion.
  • Now you have to go through the Barracks of Durnholde and burn them with the item you were given. Once complete, talk to Thrall in the prison of Durnholde to complete the quest.
  • The next part is called Escape from Durnholde and required you to escort Thrall through Old Hillsbrad, to find his wife Tabetha. Once you have completed the Dungeon, the Quest is compelte and you can turn it in to Erozion, who will ask you to report back to Andormu.

Congratulations! You have completed the Black Morass Attunement.

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