Classic Hardcore Deadmines Quest & Dungeon Guide

Classic Hardcore Deadmines Quest & Dungeon Guide

List of all Deadmines Dungeon Quests Before we get into detail on how to survive the Deadmines Bosses, here’s a list of all quests including their level requirement and where to get all deadmines quests: Level 14 – Collecting Memories: Retrieve 4 Miners’ Union Cards and return them to Wilder Thistlenettle in Stormwind. Level 14 – The Defias Brotherhood: Kill …

TBC Karazhan Attunement & Key Quest

Karazhan Attunement & Key Guide

Karazahn, the first 10 man raid of The Burning Crusade, requires The Masters Key to open the door in front of the Instance portal. While only one player needs the Key to let everyone in, it is a good idea to have it yourself, too. In this post, I compiled a simple to-do list to make it as easy as possible to get the masters key.

TBC Key to The Arcatraz Guide

How to get the Arcatraz Key in TBC

Arcatraz is a Dungeon in Netherstorm, which is only reachable with a flying mount or by being summoned there. There is a locked door infront of the Instance Portal. This is where the Arcatraz Key, or Warpforged Key comes in. In this post, I will outline what you need to do to acquire this Key and enter the Arcatraz.

Scholomance outside area

How to get the Scholomance key in WoW

Scholomance is one of the key high level dungeons that many people will run to get their pre-raid gear. There are even some epics that can drop here. In the early days, when not many people have the key to this dungeon, you can get quite good tips for opening the door for others…