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Classic WoW: What’s coming with Phase 2 release

When will Phase 2 be released?

According to a recent announcement from Blizzard, the release of Phase 2 will be on November 12th, this year. Dire Maul, which was originally planned to be part ob Phase 2, has already been released a couple of weeks back. You can still expect a bunch of new content with Phase 2 release, though!

Kazzak & Azuregos

World bosses like these two have a respawn duration of several days and they are not instanced, meaning they are fought for regularly. Progression oriented guilds often have low level “scout” characters parked at the spawn locations of these bosses. They log on these scouts every now and then to check if the bosses are up and notify their guild if they are.

So here are the spawn locations for the World Bosses:

  • Kazzaks spawn location is in the southern, demon infested part of the Blasted Lands
  • Azuregos patrols along the south wing of Azshara.

PvP Honor System

classic wow honor screen
classic wow honor screen

With the release of the Honor System in Phase 2, players can gain honor points from honorable kills. This will most likely drastically increase the hostility of players of the other faction, so be on your guard! Also, be aware that there are also dishonorable kills for players who are far below your level, which costs you honor points.

PvP Rewads in Phase 2

There are PvP rewards for both factions and the higher your PvP Rank, the better the rewards you can get. From rank 6 upwards, you gain access to the officers barracks, and from there onward you gradually unlock better and better PvP rewards.

Reaching rank 7 to 10 will unlock rare PvP rewards and upwards of rank 10, so from rank 11 to 14, you will unlock epic items. Keep in mind, though, that only 1.4% of players every reach rank 11, and it only gets less after that. And you need to keep earning that level of honor every week in order to keep that rank!

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