Essence of Air and Earth Farming Guide

Elemental Farming in Silithus

  • Gold per Hour: 50-80 gold
  • Competition: medium – high
  • Requirements: none

Prices & Drop Rates

ItemPriceDrop Rate
Essence of Air3-5g7-12%
Elemental Air~0.5g10-12%
Breath of Wind~1g 10-12%
Essence of Earth1-2g3%
Elemental Earth2-3g5%
Core of Earth~0.5g5%

Farming Essence of Air in Silithus

The red area in the map below is where you can find the Air Elementals. This spot should have enough mobs for 2 people to be farming Essence of Air here. You should prefer the northern part, though, since the Dust Stormers only spawn there, the western part has Whirling Invaders. The Dust Stormers have a much higher chance to drop Essence of Air, 12%. The Invaders only have a chance of 7%. Elemental Air and Breath of Wind drops at around the same chance for both. These aren’t usually worth a lot, so try to focus on the Dust Stormers.

silithus essence of air farming
silithus essence of air farming

Essence of Earth Farming

If the Air Elementals are too over farmed, you have two options:

You can either switch over to the Desert Rumblers in the Yellow area, who drop Essence of Earth, Elemental Earth and Core of Earth. The drop rates for these mobs are not as good, but you can switch over pretty much instantly.

Or you can switch to farming Runecloth in one of the Twilight Hammer camps. They are very close, too and the spot also has quite good gold per hour.

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