Silithus runecloth farming spots

Farming Runecloth in Silithus

Runecloth Farming – classic Overview

  • Average Gold per hour: 70 – 100g
  • Competition: medium – high
  • Profession required: none
  • Extras: Cenarion Circle Reputation

The Twilight Hammer

You can expect 3-4 stacks of Runecloth per hour, along with some potions, and green items, of course. Parts of the Twilight Hammer armor set, and around 20-30 encrypted twilight text will also drop. If you sell everything you get on the auction house for gold, you can expect anywhere from 70-100 gold per hour. This depends on the competition and prices on your server, of course.

The Cenarion Circle – runecloth farming

The armor set is used to summon mini bosses at the pillars around the camp, so they can sell for 0.5 to 2 gold on the auction house. The encrypted twilight text is used to turn in for reputation with the Cenarion Circle. The text sells for up to 1 gold per piece. Although you can always use them yourself to get reputation with the Cenarion Circle. Of course, these prices will go down with server age.

This is because the reputation rewards and drops from the mini bosses will become less relevant over time. If you have Mining, you should preferably choose the northern or southern spots. They have some Thorium Veins near them, which adds to the gold per hour when you are farming Runecloth in Silithus.

Silithus runecloth farming spots
Silithus – classic Runecloth farming spots
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