essence of water farming

Essence of Water farming locations

Essence of Water farming

Essence of Water drops from any high level Water Elemental in Classic WoW. The higher the monster level, the higher the drop chance for Essence of Water. Best zones for Essence of Water farming are the lakes in the Eastern Plaguelands, fishing in Azshara and the coastline of Feralas.

  • Gold per Hour: 50g+
  • Competition: medium
  • Requirements: level 56+

Essence of Water prices & drop rates

ItemPriceDrop rate
Essence of Water5-10g4-6%
Elemental Water~5g8-10%
Globe of Water<1g8-9%

Eastern Plaguelands

There are several types of Water Elementals in this zone, and there are two major locations for Essence of Water. Also, the zone is great to combine gathering professions. So you can switch to farming Thorium Herbs for a while if both of the Essence of Water locations are full. Here’s the map:

eastern plaguelands essence of water locations
Eastern Plaguelands – Essence of Water farming locations

Winterspring Essence of Water farming

The Watery Invaders in Winterspring are a great option, since the spot has enough elementals for 2 players to be farming there. In addition to this, there are lots of great farming locations for other things near. This way, you can easily switch if there are too many people farming here. For example, farming Felcloth, or Essence of Fire in Felwood for a while, until this location is clear again. Keep in mind that these Invaders are not always there.

winterspring water elementals map
Winterspring – Essence of Water and Water Elementals Map

Fishing for Essence of Water in Azshara

There is one more, not very well known way to get Essence of Water. In certain locations in Azshara, Essence of Water can be fished up in the Elemental Water Pools. These Pools respawn on a one-hour timer, though more than one pool can be active at a time. So if you go there in the night or early morning, when they had time to respawn, you might be able to get 3-5 Essences of Water very quickly:

Here’s a Map of the locations:

azshara essence of water fishing
Azshara – Essence of Water farming – Fishing locations

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