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Farming rare pets in Classic Wow


Rare pets in classic wow can sell for massive sums of gold due to their low drop chance. When farming for these pets, expect to kill a lot of the same enemy (most likely in the thousands). In the following sections I will go over the locations and drop rates of the most rare pets in classic wow, that are farmable. If you are going to grind for one of the whelpling pets, I recommend picking up Skinning, as you will be killing lots of them.

Disgusting Oozeling

disgusting oozeling icon

The disgusting oozeling drops from Oozing Bags, with a 1.6% chance. To maximize your chances to get this pet, you want to kill mobs with a high chance to drop these bags. Apart from the Plague Slimes and Flesh Hunters in Naxxramas and Ahn’Qiraj, the best mobs have a 5% drop chance for the bag. They are located in the two southern scars in the Eastern Plaguelands, so level 60 is recommended for this one.

Dark Whelpling

dark whelpling icon

The Dark Whelpling drops with a chance of around 0.11%, from the dragonkin in the eastern part of the Badlands and the southern part of Dustwallow Marsh, near Onyxias Lair. These mobs are between levels 41-45, so you could farm these quite early in your journey to level 60. Don’t expect one though, or you might get disappointed!

Tiny Crimson Whelpling

tiny crimson whelpling icon

With a drop chance of 0.15%, the Tiny Crimson Whelpling is the most common one of the three whelpling pets. You can farm it in the eastern part of the Wetlands, from the Red&Crimson Whelps there. The Flamesnorting Whelps also drop the pet, but with a lower chance of 0.6%. With a level of 23-27, this is also the earliest one you can get.

Tiny Emerald Whelpling

tiny emerald whelpling icon

This one is the rarest of the whelpling pets, as it only has a drop chance of 0.08%. It only drops off the Dreaming Whelps in the south-west of the Swamp of Sorrows, and there are not a lot of them there. The Dreaming Whelps are between levels 35-36, and this spot is commonly farmed by other players.

Hyacinth Macaw Parrot

parrot cage icon

The “Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)” is by far the most rare pet in Classic WoW. It only has a chance of 0.02% to drop! That is 5000 kills on average to get one of these. It drops from all of the Bloodsail mobs in Stranglethorn Vale, which at least gives you a bunch of spots to farm it. These mobs range from level 39-45, so it might be a good idea to grind here for a couple of levels. Even if you don’t get the pet, they are humanoids and so they drop cloth, along with greens and other items.

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