arathi highlands elementals map

Farming low level Elementals for Gold & Mount

Arathi Highlands

The Arathi Highlands are an amazing zone for farming low level Elementals. While all the types of Elementals are present in this zone, there can be a lot of competition here, so try not to focus too much on one type! You can switch between these spots pretty quickly if there are too many people. Also, take into consideration that Fire and Air are the most farmed and most required elemental ingredients, but Water and Earth can still sell okay, and if it means having the spot for yourself, it might be worth it! They all have a drop chance just above 10% and are between levels 38-39.

arathi highlands elementals map
A map of Elementals in the Arathi Highlands

Arathi Highlands can be prone to world PvP and other farmers, so in case you don’t like this zone too much, here are a bunch of other options, some for even lower levels.

Elemental Fire in Stonetalon Mountains

The Charred Vale in the south-west of the Stonetalon Mountains can be a good gap closer while leveling, as they are only level 23-27, and they have a drop chance of 3-6%, depending on their level. While this spot can be difficult to get to for Alliance players, it can be worth it for a boost in gold in the lower levels. Apart from the ones in Arathi Highlands, these are the only Fire Elementals below level 40. There is an Alliance flight point in the north of Desolace, which is useful to get for the next spot, too.

Elemental Air in Desolace

While there are Air Elementals scattered across other Zones like Westfall, Thousand Needles and Tanaris, Desolace has the highest density by far. You can check these maps for detailed locations. These mobs are of levels 32-37 and have a drop chance of 12-14%.

Elemental Water

There are two spots that are for quite low levels. The first is in southern Ashenvale, east of the Talondeep Path. These Water Elementals are level 23-25, but only have a drop chance of 3%. The other spot it the lake south-east of the great lift in Thousand Needles. These are level 27-29 and have a drop chance of around 10%. Apart from these 2 spots, there is another one that is equal to Arathi Highlands, if not better:

Stranglethorn Vale. Yep, you heard me. There is a small island filled with Water Elementals in the north-west. While there are a couple of quests there, they are done very quickly, and apart from that, you will most likely not run into any other players around here. They are level 36-37 and have a drop rate of 14%.

Elemental Earth in Badlands

Elemental Earth can drop from many mobs scattered across the world, but apart from the spot in Arathi Highlands, there in one that sticks out: Badlands. The lesser Rock Elementals east of Kargath are level 37-39 and drop Elemental Earth at around 10% chance, along with Deeprock Salt, which can also be sold for some extra gold. There are also some higher level Earth Elementals in the Mountains to the east and south.


Farming low level Elementals is a great way to get some extra gold below level 40, which will be much needed for your mount and gear upgrades once you get there. If you are looking for more ways to save gold while leveling, or don’t want to farm specifically for your mount, you should check out this guide about how you can have enough gold in your pockets for your mount when you hit level 40.

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I hope that you won’t stop writing such interesting articles. I’m waiting for more of your content. I’m going to follow you.


For horde players, there are earth elementals around Dalaran that drop elemental earth. This is my go-to farming spot because my server is quite alliance heavy and it is hard to farm without competition.