Un'Goro Devilsaur Leather routes

Devilsaur Leather Farming in Un’Goro Crater

Farming Introduction

  • Average gold per hour: Up to 100g, depending on competition
  • Competition: high
  • Professions required: Skinning

How much gold you can make with Devilsaur Leather farming

Expect 10-20g per piece, and be ready to fight for it! People might even try to steal the skin after you killed it, so be careful. Devilsaur Leather farming is very competitive, and very lucrative. You can also pick up a lot of Thick Leather along with some Rugged Leather during the downtimes. When the dinos are respawning, that is, though there are better spots to farm those specifically. If you have the zone completely to yourself, you might even get above 100 gold per hour, though that is unlikely. If you have Herbalism, that makes this spot even more amazing. You can gather a lot of Dreamfoil, and other herbs, while looking for the devilsaurs. Here is a very useful map of where the devilsaurs can be found:

Un'Goro Devilsaur Leather routes
Un’Goro Devilsaur Leather routes
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