TBC Kurenai & Mag'har Reputation Guide

Kurenai & Mag’har Reputation Guide

Why farm Kurenai & Mag’har Reputation?

The Kurenai and Mag’har are two sides of the same coin. The Kurenai are only available to the Alliance, while the Mag’har is the Horde aligned Faction. Both of them have the same Reputation rewards and mostly the same process to get them to Exalted, which is why I combined them both here.

The most notable reward for Exalted Reputation with one of these Factions are the Talbuk Ground Mounts. There are several variants of these available at the respective Faction Quartermasters in Nagrand. Additionally, Alchemists can get their [Recipe: Transmute Primal Fire to Earth] at Revered. Leatherworkers can get a variety of Patterns here as well.

Here’s an overview of how to gain reputation with the Kurenai and Mag’har:

TBC Kurenai & Mag'har Reputation Guide
TBC Kurenai & Mag’har Reputation Guide

How to gain Reputation for Kurenai and Mag’har

Because both of these Factions are very similar, I’ll combine them both into one concise to-do list here. It should be noted, that the Obsidian Warbeads are also used to gain Consortium Reputation. One Option to get the Consortium up quickly is to farm Ogres in Nagrand, which gives you Kurenai/Mag’har Reputation. Then turn in the Obsidian Warbeads to the Consortium. This way, you feed two birds with one scone 🙂

I won’t go into this strategy here, though, because the Consortium can also be farmed through dungeons, which these two Factions can’t.

  • Unfriendly-Neutral: Do the Quests in Zangarmarsh/Hellfire Peninsula.
  • Neutral-Friendly: Farm Ogres and Orcs in Nagrand. You could do this all the way to Exalted if you like. Horde players can start turning in the Obsidian Warbeads.
  • Friendly-Exalted: Complete the rest of the Quests. Alliance players can now start turning in their Obsidian Warbeads as well.

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