TBC Karazhan Attunement & Key Quest

Karazhan Attunement & Key Guide

How to get The Masters Key

Karazahn, the first 10-man raid of The Burning Crusade, requires The Masters Key to open the door in front of the Instance portal. While only one player needs the Key to let everyone in, it is a good idea to have it yourself, too.

Here’s what you will need to complete this Karazhan Attunement Guide:

  • Mount: You will need a flying mount or a nice warlock who can summon you to the Arcatraz, which is only reachable by flying.
  • Arcatraz: You will need access to the Arcatraz Dungeon. You can either complete the Questline for the Arcatraz Key yourself, have someone with the Key let you in or have a Rogue with Lockpicking 350 open the door for you.
  • Shadow Labyrinth: Similar to Arcatraz, only one member needs the Key for the door leading into the Shadow Labyrinth. Alternatively, a rogue with maxed Lockpicking Skill can pick the lock. You can get the key from a chest in Sethek Halls after the last boss.
  • The Black Morass: This Dungeon requires everyone in your party to have completed the Black Morass Attunement Quest. This one is not that long and you basically´need to run through The Escape from Durnholde and complete the Quest.

TBC Karazhan Attunement & Key Quest
TBC Karazhan Attunement & Key Quest

How to complete the Karazhan Attunement

The Karazhan Attunement Questline start at the Main Entrance to Karazhan at Archmage Alturus.

  • Alturus will give you two Quests, Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity. Both of these are in the area around Karazhan and can be completed solo.
  • Contact from Dalaran: Upon completion, Alturus will ask you to find Archmage Cedric near Dalaran in the Alterac Mountains.
  • Khadgar: The next part requires you to talk to Khadgar in the center of Shattrath City. Accept the next part of the Questline.
  • Entry Into Karazhan: You will now have to run the Shadow Labyrinth Dungeon in Auchindoun. The first Key Fragment is located behind the final boss, Murmur and spawns a guard upon opening it. Once you get your Fragment, return to Khadgar to get the next part.
  • The Second and Third Fragments: For this part, you are asked to retrieve the two remaining Key Fragment from the Arcatraz and Steamvaults Dungeons. The locations for these are not as straight forward, though:
    • The Second Fragment: Enter the Steamvault Dungeon with a party. The Key Fragmet is located is in the corner at the bottom of the deep water near the first boss of the dungeon. As before, a guard will spawn, so make sure you have your party ready.
    • The Third Fragment: Enter the Arcatraz. The third and last key fragment can be found in the second room, where you first encounter Voidwalkers. After passing the ramp in the first room, turn right in the Voidwalker room. The Container is in a corner to the right.
  • The Master’s Touch: Once you have retrieved all the Karazhan Key Fragments, return to Khadgar and get the last part of the Quest. For this part, you need to run through The Black Morass and complete the 18 waves of Monsters. Once complete, you can talk to Medivh, who will finally activate your Karazhan Key or The Masters Key. Keep in mind that you have to be inside the Dungeon when the final boss is defeated, or you won’t be able to complete the quest.
  • Return to Khadgar: Once this is done, your last step is to report back to Khadgar in Shattrath City, who will give you The Masters Key and send you back to Archmage Alturus near Karazhan. Now you can start your Adventures in Karazhan!

Congratulations! You have completed Karazhan Key Quesline!

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