TBC Consortium Reputation Guide

Consortium Reputation Guide

The Consortium Rep Faction

The Consortium is one of the Dungeon Factions of TBC, although there is only one Dungeon that they are associated with. The Ether-born beings are interdimensional traders and merchants who want to profit off this new expansion of the Horde and Alliance into the Outlands. They offer some nice rewards, including a Key to the Heroic Manatombs Dungeon. Here’s how to get the Consortium Rep to Exalted:

TBC Consortium Reputation Guide
TBC Consortium Rep Guide

Consortium Rep Guide – Reputation Rewards

As mentioned above, there are several nice epic items as Reputation Rewards for the Consortium Faction of TBC Classic. Apart from Ammo Pouches for Hunters at Honored and lots of cool Profession Recipes, especially for Jewelcrafting, here are the notable rewards:

  • Nether Runner’s Cowl: High Intelligence/Stamina cloth head with a Yellow and a Meta Socket.
  • Guile of Khoraazi: 1.6 Agility Dagger with some extra Attack Power.
  • Haramad’s Bargain: Agility/Strength Neck.

How to get the Consortium to Exalted

As always, I’ll note a path players can take to get the Consortium to Exalted as quick as possible. Of course, as there are several repeatable Quests for this Faction, there is not really a time limit on how fast it can be done. However, saving up your quests for the later part is always a good idea to get to the better rewards faster. Here’s the ideal path:

  • Neutral-Honored: Run Manatombs (Normal). Ideally while still leveling! This should take around 14 runs.
  • Honored-Revered: Complete the Consortium Quests in Nagrand and Netherstorm. This should get you to Revered and the Heroic Key.
  • Revered-Exalted: Run Manatombs (Heroic)

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