TBC Hyperspawn Locations

Top 5 TBC Hyperspawn Locations you need to know about

What is a Hyperspawn Location

In TBC Classic, Dynamic spawning has been introduced into World of Warcraft. Dynamic spawning means that the faster mobs are killed, the faster they respawn. Now, a Hyperspawn is the next level of that, where with enough players killing the mobs, they respawn almost instantly. When farming in such a Location, you will never have trouble with having no mobs to kill. These spots generally get even better the more players are farming there.

It should be noted that is can still be quite stressful to farm hyperspawns for extended amounts of time, since mob tagging and killing the mobs fast enough can be a challenge for some classes. For example, Priests and most melee classes can have trouble tagging mobs fast enough.

Legion Hold – Shadow Council Warlock

Legion Hold Warlock Hyperspawn
Legion Hold Warlock Hyperspawn

Location: [23, 39] Shadowmoon Valley

The Shadow Council Warlocks in the far west of Shadowmoon Valley are one of these Hyperspawns. They drop Fel Armaments, Mark of Sargeras and decent amounts of Netherweave Cloth, Greens and Greys. These mobs are level 67+ and they are casters, meaning they die very fast. After 1 Hour of Farming, this is what I got from farming Legion Hold Warlocks:

  • 5x Fel Armaments = 17g * 5 = 85g
  • 84x Mark of Sargeras = 0,85g * 84 = 71g
  • 215x Netherweave Cloth = 0,13g * 215 = 28g
  • 11x Grey Items = ~11g
  • 5x Green Items = ~20g
  • 2x Agility/Strength Scroll = 5g * 2 = 10g
  • 142x Kills (Raw Gold) = ~25g

That makes a total of 250 Gold per hour!

Throne of Kil’Jaeden – Incandescent Fel Spark

Throne of Kil Jaeden Primal Fire Hyperspawn
Throne of Kil Jaeden Primal Fire Hyperspawn

Location: [58, 21] Hellfire Peninsula

Since Primal Fire is the most expensive Primal on most Servers, this TBC Hyperspawn Location is one of the best. The Incandescent Fel Sparks at the Trone of Kil’Jaeden are level 70+ and respawn very rapidly. The only downside to this spot is that you need a flying mount to reach it. Apart from that, with a little bit of gear and a capable class, you can get amazing results here. This is what I got in one hour:

  • 6x Primal Fire = 30g * 8 = 180g
  • 3x Mote of Fire = 3g * 3 = 9g
  • 5x Green Items = ~20g
  • 12x Gray Items = ~12g
  • Other Vendor Trash = ~25g

For a total of 246 Gold per hour!

Kirin’Var Village – Mana Seeker & Mageslayer

Kirin Var Village Primal Mana Hyperspawn
Kirin Var Village Primal Mana Hyperspawn

Location: [56, 87] Netherstorm

Kirin’Var Village lies in the very south of the southern island of Netherstorm. Here, within the ruins of the village, roam Mana Elementals called Mana Seeker and Mageslayer. These mobs are around level 68+ and die relatively quickly. They do have a Mana Burn ability, though they die quick enough most of the time that even mana-classes can farm them effectively. Here are my results after farming them for 1 hour as a Hunter:

  • 7x Primal Mana = 22g * 7 = 154g
  • 6x Mote of Mana = 2,2g * 6 = 13g
  • 4x Green Items = ~16g
  • 13x Grey Items = ~13g
  • Other Vendor Trash = ~30g

Making a total of 226 Gold per hour!

Coilfang Cistern – Enraged Water Spirit

Coilscar Cistern Primal Water Hyperspawn
Coilscar Cistern Primal Water Hyperspawn

Location: [50, 23] Shadowmoon Valley

Enraged Water Spirits in Shadowmoon Valley are one of the Hyperspawns in TBC Classic that not many Players know about. If you can get a friend to farm the second pool of water in the area, you can lock down this location quite easily and get faster kills that way. While Primal Water is not as valuable as some of the other Primals, this makes it almost as good as the other Hyperspawns. Here’s what I got in one hour of solo farming here:

  • 8x Primal Water = 16g * 8 = 128g
  • 7x Mote of Water = 1,6g * 7 = 11g
  • 6x Green Items = ~24g
  • 16x Gray Items = ~16g
  • Other Vendor Trash = ~40g

Resulting in a total of 219 Gold per hour!

Void Ridge – Vacillating Voidcaller & Collapsing Voidwalker

Void Ridge Primal Shadow Hyperspawn
Void Ridge Primal Shadow Hyperspawn

Location: [78, 69] Hellfire Peninsula

If you don’t need gold immediatly, farming Primal Shadow here can be a good option. With the later content Phases of TBC Classic, Primal Shadow will become more and more sought after, especially once The Black Temple raid launches. These mobs are around level 62, and there is only one very quick quest here. If you are farming these at level 70, you can get quite good results, as you can kill them much faster than other spots. This is what I got:

  • 9x Primal Shadow = 14g * 9 = 126g
  • 9x Mote of Shadow = 1,4 * 9 = 12g
  • 7x Green Items = ~21g
  • 18x Gray Items = ~ 18g
  • Other Vendor Trash = ~35g

That’s a total of 213 Gold per hour!

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