TBC Consortium Reputation Guide

Consortium Reputation Guide

The Consortium is one of the Dungeon Factions of TBC, although there is only one Dungeon that they are associated with. The Ether-born beings are interdimensional traders and merchants who want to profit of this new expansion of the Horde and Alliance into the Outlands. They offer some nice rewards, including…

TBC Ogrila Reputation Guide

Ogri’la Reputation Guide

Ogri’la is one of the factions that is not required to enter any Heroic Dungeons. However, there are a few nice epic items available once you reach Exalted with them. The Ogres of Ogri’la are allied with the Sha’tari Skyguard, and some of the daily quests for these factions share reputation gains. This makes it…

TBC Keepers of Time Reputation Guide

Keepers of Time Reputation Guide

The Keepers of Time are one of the most straight forward factions of TBC. The only way to gain reputation with them is to run the two Dungeons in the Caverns of Time in Tanaris, either on Normal or Heroic mode. Apart from that, there is one questline, which leads you through these dungeons and gives quite a lot of reputation.

TBC Sporeggar Reputation Guide

Sporeggar Reputation Guide

Sporeggar is one of those Faction that doesn’t give you much in the way of rewards. It’s more of a collecting thing. There are a couple of Cooking Recipes at Neutral, which everyone should reach by just Questing through Zangarmarsh. Other than that, there is of course the Tiny Sporeling pet at Exalted. It’s very cute.