WotLK Healing Tier List

Who Should get Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings?

Typically, a Holy Paladin would get Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings first. Since many raids in WotLK Classic might even have two Holy Paladins, other healing classic might have trouble getting their hands on the legendary healer mace.

That being said, Raid Leaders want to make sure that a rare item like that goes to the best and most loyal players.

1. Holy Paladin

With their newly acquired Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light, Paladins are getting even more effective Tank Healers. In Addition, their strong direct heals combine very well with the splash healing from Glyph of Holy Light. All of these factors place Holy Paladins at Rank 1 of the best healer class in WotLK Classic.

2. Discipline Priest

Some people might argue that Discipline Priests are even better than Holy Paladins. With their many Cooldowns like Pain Suppression, Power Infusion, Inner Focus, they also bring 3% less damage taken for the entire raid with and have amazing Mana management with their Hymn of Hope, Shadowfiend and Rapture.

Especially in the later stages of the content, with the great haste scaling that Discipline Priest have, they might overtake Paladins.

3. Restoration Shaman

While Restoration Shamans were one of the best healers in TBC, along with CoH Priests, they do slip down a bit in WotLK Classic. However, their new hotting and instant healing capabilities with Earthliving weapon and Riptide give them some great new tools for every situation.

Combined with Improved Water Shield and the new crit-based play style, a well played restoration shaman can be just as useful as any of the other healers. Also, they can instantly place four totems now.

4. Restoration Druid

Restoration Druids gain a much needed, strong direct heal with Nourish, which gets even stronger when the target has a hot. With Wild Growth and all the other hots Druids have, this will almost always be the case. Living Seed improves Tank healing and with Revitalize, Druids can even boost the DPS a bit.

Druids will most of the time be blanket hotting the entire raid and only very rarely use direct healing, making them very mobile.

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